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Breaking News: Ronda Rousey Puts Up Her Career



In an unprecedented decision, Ronda Rousey has announced that she will be putting up her undefeated UFC career in a match against “Busty” Betty Beaver with the stipulation that if Beaver loses to her—Rousey inherits Betty’s moniker “Busty”.

“Ever since I was a child I always loved the nickname ‘Busty’”, explained Rousey. “Then when I broke into MMA I wanted to use it as a nickname, only to find out that Betty Beaver was already using it so it would have been considered gimmick infringement. So now, that I actually have the chance to take the name “Busty” from Beaver if I beat her in the cage—I’m all IN!”

The fight will be this Saturday night on Pay-Per-View for only $199.49.


Do you see how utterly insane and stupid that press release reads? Does it sound and look familiar to you? Can you now understand why UFC Head Honcho Dana White referred to professional wrestling as FAKE? Where, outside of professional wrestling, would someone put their career on the line for the unique honor and privilege of being referred to as “Rockstar” Austin Aries? And, no, even though Aries believes his own self-proclaimed hype perhaps more than any other wrestler I’ve ever met, not even DOUBLE A would be stupid enough to do that!!!

Are you guys kidding me over there? Is this what you come up with in the TNA War Room when your backs are currently pushed so far up against the wall that you’re almost the WALLPAPER COVERING IT! Are you serious? Every one of you should be absolutely embarrassed and ashamed that you all actually talked each other into that being a good idea. That’s where the laziness in creative that I’ve been harping about comes in. Yeah, I’ve come up with bad ideas myself over the years, no doubt, but even my wife who’s watched about 25 minutes of wrestling in her life knew this was comical. Man, if that is the best you’ve got—I hate to think of your worse.

But, I guess that’s what’s to be expected when you have a leader who had ZERO, ZILICH, GOOSE EGG experience when it came to creatively discussing, constructing and writing a wrestling show prior to being hired by TNA. John Gaburick had NILL experience in that field when he sent Dixie Carter his resume, but yet . . . she hired him. Another savior who was going to save her company from its ultimate demise. What a joke. Literally, if would have been the equivalent of Dixie hiring me as the companies accountant.

You know, Gaburick , in my opinion, has gotten away almost scot-free when it comes to where TNA stands today. And, when you look at his track record from the day he started at TNA—it makes my 9-month WCW stint look like a glorious story of magnificent SUCCESS! A magician–who made many disappear shortly after his hiring in order for him to have complete control and not be challenged by anyone who was better schooled in areas where he wasn’t–has literally witnessed his trick blow up in his face when there was no rabbit in the hat when he was done wielding his mighty axe.

Prichard, Bischoff, Jarrett and Russo were all victims of Gaburick’s mighty sword, which left him with having the responsibility to make decisions in both creative and talent relations that he was neither equipped, or experienced to make. And, I don’t care what anybody says, Gaburick sending Bischoff home just a few months into the job—was the nail that sealed the Spike TV/TNA relationship. Eric was the Executive Producer of Impact, and Spike always thought very highly of him. Trust me–it would not have been THEIR decision to send him packing.

You know, many years ago, Dixie and I had a major issue because Dixie wanted me to take more of a “management” role when it came to my position in the company. And, even though it meant more money for both me and my family, I knew that it wasn’t my strong suit—so I danced around the issue until it went away. What I was good at was writing and producing a wrestling show, and for almost 2 decades in the wrestling business—that’s what I stuck to. I found out first hand through the failure of others—once you attempt to become something your not—you’re done—you will eventually expose yourself—and that’s what John Gabrurick has done. He’s done it not only in the arena of creative, but many of his talent relations calls have been “questionable” at best.

Losing a Bubba, losing a Taz, an MVP—these were all leaders in the locker room that TNA desperately needed. While at the same time, as much as I personally love Christy Hemme—making her a part of the “creative team” when she had just about as much experience in that field as he did—again—questionable at best.

But, to be honest with you, can you really blame “BIG”? 99% of the people who were hired for that job, would have taken it . . . along with the money that went with it. In fact, John may have actually been stupid not to. No, this error in judgment can be credited to the person who made all the other errors in judgment—Dixie Carter.

Man, I hope Ronda wins her fight—not because I think it would be a catastrophe if her career came to an end, I just think “Busty” Ronda Rousey rolls off the tongue nicely.

Again—remember—all MY opinion.

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