Controversial Finish For Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam 2015 [Spoilers]


The main event of WWE Summerslam 2015 was a rematch of Wrestlemania 31 of Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker.

It was a physical brawl with both men hitting multiple finishers but without putting the other away.

The finish saw Lesnar tap out the Undertaker, and the bell rang, but the ref didnt see it and restarted the match. In the meantime, the Undertaker hit a low blow and then locked in the Hells Gate, causing Lesnar to pass out and lose.

The Undertaker won the match to even up the series at 1-1

Here is our full recap of the match:

Full Match Recap

Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker
Enormous pop for Brock. Moderate pop for Undertaker. Brock attacks before Taker can even get his trenchcoat off. Taker fends him off. Bell now rings. Match is physical from the get go. Undertaker goes OLD SCHOOL early but Brock pulls him down into position for the F5. Undertaker escapes. There is a guy in the front row witha counter for how many suplexes. Back and forth. Brock says “Suplex city bitch”.

Brock is busted open early in the match:

Taker hits snake eyes, then a big boot and Lesnar clears out. Back in and Taker goes for a legdrop on the apron.

Taker in full control of the beginning of the match. “You Still got It” chant. 16th Summerslam appearance for Taker, who also has the most SS wins.

Undertaker goes for a chokeslam but Lesnar floats back. Dueling chants for Under-Taker and Suplex City. Brawling moves to the floor. Brock hits F5 on Underaker through the announce table to a huge pop. Lesnar goes into the ring and the ref counts. Undertaker JUST beats the count back into the ring. Brock is shocked. Brock taunts Undertaker. Then Taker hits Brock and hits an awesome chokeslam. Lesnar up and wobbly. Taker grabs Brock and hits a Tombstone! Crosses the arms. Brock kicks out. Both down and Lesnar and Taker both sit up. Taker makes an AMAZING face.

and video of it

Brawling. Taker hits a Last Ride!! Only 2. Brock next hits an F5. Kickout. Both men are down but Lesnar is up first. And then a THIRD F5. Undertaker kicks out. Both slow and wandering. Undertaker just grabs a Hells Gate arm submission out of no where. Lesnar turns it around and has the Kimura on Taker. The Undertaker taps out on the side of Lesnar’s leg but the ref doesn’t see it. The bell rings though. Charles Robinson yells at the time keeper that he didn’t call for the bell.


Behind his back, Undertaker hits his patented DICK PUNCH on Brock and locks the Hells Gate back in. Lesnar gives Taker the finger but then passes out giving Taker the win.
Winner: The Undertaker

After the match the replay clearly shows that Taker did tap.

Paul Heyman went over and rang the bell repeatedly. He has a mic and cuts a promo that everyone saw the Undertaker tap, and that the winner of the match was Brock Lesnar.

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