Identity Of New Wyatt Family Member Revealed of New Wrestler On WWE Monday Night Raw (Pics & Video)


On WWE Monday Night Raw for August 24, 2015, there was a tag team rematch from Summerslam 2015. The match pitted Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper.

Reigns picked up the pin after spearing Bray.

On Raw after the rematch, the Wyatts got a new member, a giant man who came down to the aid of Bray.


While he has not yet been given a name from WWE, his real name is Adam Scherr, but he’s known on the wrestling circuit as Braun Stowman.

He wrestled in a dark match in June as Braun.

Here is video: described the scene as:
Just before Reigns could administer the Spear to The New Face of Fear, however, the lights cut out and a bearded monster in a black sheep mask appeared, laying waste to the former Shield brothers with what seemed like minimal effort before standing beside Harper & Wyatt in a show of solidarity. If not entirely whole yet, it would appear that The Wyatt Family has, at long last, grown.