Launch Trailer For Until Dawn (Sony PS4) Out 08.25.2015


Launch Trailer For Until Dawn (Sony PS4) Out 08.25.2015
Until Dawn

Until Dawn – The Road Not Taken Trailer | PS4
From the director of “The Road Not Taken,” Lloyd Choi:
“I’ve always been in love with games that you can’t play alone in the dark. The idea of creating an extended spin-off of the world around Until Dawn definitely excited me, and decided I wanted to try something a little different than the typical game trailer.

“Since Until Dawn is based around the concept of choice (and the tension around it), I immediately thought of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”, which I thought would create an interesting tone and backdrop paired with visceral and frightening images. The poem is often misinterpreted, and is really more complex than people think.

“It’s really about how no matter which direction you choose, that’s the choice you make, leading to a life lived regardless of this road or the other road. And in hindsight, that will be the only way you know and you’ll look back on that decision to take this road as meaningful and important.

“But all roads are really the same. It’s not really an empowering poem of choosing your unique destiny that others haven’t taken; it’s meaning is more bleak and bittersweet. And I found that perfect for Until Dawn.”

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