10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 08.24.2015 (Standout Raw, “Perfect” Paul Heyman Promo, Heelish John Cena)


I personally think this was the best Raw they’ve had in a long time. Here’s why:

1) Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Promo: The reaction by these two men to what happened at SummerSlam was perfect. Angry, indignant and on a warpath. Seeing Bo Dallas come out and get the crap kicked out of him was just the icing on the cake and a good way to push how angry Lesnar is. Heyman calling everyone out on their fairy tale beliefs as they relate to the Undertaker was great.

2) The New Day v. The Lucha Dragons: When Prime Time Players sat at commentary I was ready for another match of someone complaining on commentary. With The New Day winning I was not okay with hearing them gloat but then, probably my biggest freak out in a long time happened when I heard the Dudley Boyz music. The crowd went nuts, I went nuts and the fact that it seems that the Dudleys are here to stay makes me very excited for what’s next, even Smackdown.

3) Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose v. The Wyatt Family: With Wyatt and Harper reunited they’re a scary force as it is. Adding in Braun Stowman is a great way for the Wyatt family to become more imposing. With Erick Rowan out for the foreseeable future I wonder if Stowman is his replacement, permanently, or a stand-in? What will they do with Rowan when he returns? Seeing Ambrose and Reigns easily picked apart showed exactly how they’re going to push Stowman, powerful.

4) Miz TV w. PCB: Okay, I was disappointed with this. Team PCB didn’t look like faces, they came across like heels and a bit full of themselves. No sign of team BAD and when Team Bella came out they were underhanded in their actions enough to remind fans that PCB is the face team but we shouldn’t need reminding.

5) Team Bella v. PCB: Now that the match started things improved slightly. The pace was slow and the crowd in Brooklyn was rough for everyone tonight but perhaps they were overly critical of the Divas. Let the women wrestle. Was NXT Takeover amazing? Yes. That doesn’t mean they needed to crap all over the Divas on Raw. While I was happy the women got a good amount of time last night they could have done more with that time. Still nice to see two commercial breaks go by and return to the Divas though.

6) Stardust Attacks Barrett: Why did they start this team only to have it break down. And, if they were going to team tonightagainst Neville and an unknown, how come only Neville came out and mixed it up with Stardust?

7) Jon Stewart Explanation: Okay, whether you’re happy or unhappy that Cena lost on Sunday you have to admit, losing via a Jon Stewart run-in is a bit annoying. Hearing him say he did it for Flair, only to then see Flair come out, was great (and made the whole angle a bit more believable.) My question is, with Cena giving the AA to Jon Stewart are we taking Cena back to his more heelish roots?

8) 8 Man Tag Team Match: I’ve said it before, I’m tired of the redundancy of these types of matches i.e. all the feuds in one match. Having Orton, Ryback, Cesaro and Ziggler battle Rusev, Owens, Sheamus and Big Show fell into this trend but when you add in Lana and Summer fighting outside the ring and great moments from each team it was tolerable. Seeing Cesaro and Ryback lift Big Show for an RKO was great as well. The question is, what direction will they take Big Show after he’s shunned by his fellow heels and attacked by his rivals?

9) Seth Rollins Statue Unveiling: Okay, I’ll admit, the overly excited, cheesy way that the Authority and Seth talked all night about how great he is and how amazing the statue will be had me feeling annoyed and a little disgusted. (Comparing himself to Andre the Giant, Bruno San Martino, etc was a bit too heelish for me this time around). However, all of this “I’m the greatest thing ever” told me that the statue unveiling wouldn’t go smoothly. With Cena escorted from the building what could happen? The answer was Sting. I had not seen Sting’s return coming but it was perfectly placed and timed.

10) All in all a great Raw!