Forever Heel: Short Wrap-up To WWE in 2003 PLUS Top 5 Worst Wrestlers Currently in WWE

Okay so I can’t continue my 2003 review because WWE Network’s buffering issues are insane. I was able to live stream SummerSlam, and enjoyed the show. It was good to have another SummerSlam without a Canadian law enforcement agent going to jail.

Anyway I want to wrap up 2003 real quick.

As I said 2003 had a lot of people leaving and tapering off. The Rock and Austin left, and the remaining WCW acts were being absorbed into the WWE fold.

The main event picture was mostly Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Angle, Booker T, Brock, Benoit, Goldberg and Kevin Nash. By 2004 WWE had cleared the way for Randy Orton(Triple H’s chosen one. Hunter never chose Batista, it was always Orton.), Christian, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Matt Hardy, and Bob “The Angry Senior” Holly. Okay, not Holly. Yes there are others, but do you want an article, or list of wrestlers?

2003 also began a pattern of crazy firings. It was a no-brainer to fire guys, where would a fired wrestler go? There was no other place that was better than WWE at the time. TNA was the only other place, and most fired WWE talent was told not to go there, if they wanted to return to WWE. Later the “No Compete” claues, in contracts, would include TNA, and Japan. BTW those contracts would be illegal if enough wrestlers would take this to the courts. You can’t just put whatever you want in a contract, and other industries have had similar clauses struck down.

Although Brock left in early 2004, and the last of the WCW novelty was used up, WWE did pretty good in changing course throughout 2003-04. WWE was able to holdout until JBL was there to save the company.

I wanted to also talk about SummerSlam. It was great, and fans got a real treat. If you’re pissed about dusty finishes, then don’t watch the show that invented dusty finishes.

Someone brought up a good point that you pay your hard-earned money to see a match, and you’re pissed when there’s no resolution. It’s a good point, but irrelevant because you already know that pro-wrestling may not turnout how you expected. You’re supposed to want to see what happens next, go home if you’re going to be a baby about it. I shouldn’t need to explain how to watch pro-wrestling.

Speaking of acting like babies, didn’t 4 Chan have a wrestling section? Did it go under? I hate my life.

Wait don’t leave. I have to give you the top five.


5) Seth Rollins

4) Cesaro

3) Kevin Owens

2) Dean Ambrose

1) Finn Baylor

Bonus list: WWE’s Top Talent

5) Kevin Dunn

4) Big Show

3) Eva Marie

2) Eric Rowan

1) Cameron

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