JR Blog: WWE Summerslam 2015 Graded B+, Jon Stewart Heel Turn A “Head Scratcher”, Brock Lesnar/Undertaker Finish “Interesting and Controversial”


Jim Ross had a new blog heading into Monday Night Raw, here are some highlights

on Summerslam 2015
I certainly would give Summer Slam a good grade as in a B+. I enjoyed watching it at home even though my Chrome Cast apparatus did not work for me and forced me to watch the show on my iPad. It still worked but not as easy to watch as our big screen TV.

on Cena/Rollins
The Jon Stewart using a chair on John Cena was a head scratcher but hopefully we will find out more about that matter tonight on RAW. I hope that the reason leads to something significant as it should. It would be poor booking if it doesn’t.

Rollins had a great night as did Cena for that matter and I enjoyed their in ring work a great deal. Some think that Seth Rollins is being booked incorrectly but I do not. A heel champion of Rollins size needs to be vulnerable but resilient who always finds a way to win/survive by hook or crook. Again, Rollins is an old school bookers dream in that regard. I am also happy that this match was separated from the Lesnar-Taker match as it was and, no, it did not bother me that the Title bout did not go on last.

on Lesnar-Taker
Interesting and controversial conclusion to the Lesnar-Taker bout that did not adversely affect either man and facilitated a potential rematch in the future, likely at Wrestlemania in April, but perhaps not. That’s TBD I assume but if Taker considers retiring there then a Lesnar-Taker Hell in a Cell match with Lesnar winning in Satan’s Playground would be another ground breaking moment for Brock. Does Taker need to win his ‘retirement’ match? Not specifically and especially if it elevates WWE’s biggest star and monetizes their investment in Brock. Perhaps the ‘rubber match’ will be help prior to WM32 and Taker ends his ‘run’ at the Texas sized event with another opponent that’s unlikely to be Sting.

Unlike many, I do not feel that Taker turned heel Sunday night against Brock. They both wrestling a rough, unforgiving style including low blows, etc but it’s obvious that many younger fans have not had the luxury of growing up enjoying some of the great personal issue laden storylines as us older fans. This is a unique situation where having a definitive heel and face isn’t essential.

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