Pull List Roundtable 8/26/2015 – Superman #43, Dead Drop #4, Secret Wars, Aquaman #43 & More (Spoilers)

James Fulton

  • Dead Drop #4 – Dead Drop has been a fun look at the Valiant Universe, featuring different main characters each issue as they work to recover a stolen item, and brush up against a conspiracy. It’s one of the most accessible things that Ales Kot has ever written, and I want to see how it’s going to end.

  • East of West #20 – It’s been a little while since we last saw an issue of Jonathan Hickman’s best comic. I’m hoping that, as he moves away from his Marvel responsibilities, this and his other titles will become more reliably present on the schedule again.

  • New MGMT #1 – I’ve been reading Matt Kindt’s excellent Mind MGMT since day one, and even though this is a first issue, it’s actually the last. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up.

  • Star Wars Lando #3 – Next to Boba Fett, the coolest design in the Star Wars universe is the Imperial Guard outfit. This issue will have a pair of them trying to reclaim control of the Emperor’s personal yacht. Should look cool.

  • They’re Not Like Us #7 – This series has been a really cool alternate, modern take on the X-Men, with the last arc ending basically with the issue where Kitty leaves the mansion. I have no idea where Eric Stephenson is taking this title, and look forward to finding out.

Paul Miranda

  • AQUAMAN #43
    Tempest was reintroduced last issue. He’s still not officially named but Arthur sees a world of good in him even if he believes the propaganda fed to him. Will they become best of friends or bitter enemies?

  • BATGIRL #43
    After facing her first major villainess and learning her dad is the new Batman, what other surprises are in store for Burnside’s protector? How about a brand new evildoer named Velvet Tiger? In terms of career, Babs is getting the short end of the stick from Luke Fox! What’s up with that?

  • CYBORG #2
    The first issue was only the tip of the iceberg! Vic has reconnected [literally!] with his inner circle and an old high school friend. Unfortunately, the Technosapiens want to rip him apart as well as his world!!

    The annual was a fun ride on Themysciran soil. The Superman appearance was a major fake-out! Not in this issue! This time it’s for real!! What role does the Man of Steel play in this scenario?

  • FLASH #43
    Zoom’s hatred of the Flash will never subside. His new Revenge Squad is primed for unquestioned vengeance. Individual attacks are the tactic here. First up, Barry has to unwrap himself from the Folded Man.

    The media has always had major clout. This is exacerbated when the supernatural is involved.

  • GRAYSON #11
    Sexy. Smart. Savvy. Dick is all those things. Why is he up against himself? The mystery deepens as the mole within proves to be extremely hard to find. Has this been put on the wayside?

    The Big Three have no choice but to gel to defeat Imperiex from utter dominion of our beloved planet. Is this the beginning of heroic exploits?

    Bryan Hitch, we’ve waited far too long for this next chapter! Your attention to detail is extremely appreciated but the suspense is killing me. Rao better not be like all other Kryptonians – inherently evil once they touch down on Earth. The JLA must regroup to take him down just in case.

  • SUPERMAN #43
    There are three sides to every story. There’s always more to a story than meets the eye. Lois comes around and vows to keep the biggest century of millennia. Why is it then that the ultimate betrayal still occurs?

    Who is The Nest? Who is funding this radical project? The various inspired street fighters meet the Big Bat himself. Hero worship or major disappointment?

    Graphic India continues to get my full fandom!! This one-shot introduces its newest super-hero. An orphan turned lawyer has to get to the truth behind his crime-fighting origins thanks to a wealthy benefactor.

    Raju Rai continues to travel the road towards greatness!

  • CIVIL WAR #3
  • E is for EXTINCTION #3
  • M.O.D.O.K. ASSASSIN #4 (of 5)
  • MAGNETO #21
  • X-MEN ’92 #3
    Another baker’s dozen! “Last Days” offers Scott Lang in a one-shot as well as two concluding titles. “Warzones” provides a look at life as an agent of the world’s worst terrorist group. “Battleworld” serves up Elsa and Shuttup on a zombie platter. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall for the final time? Does he have the power to reset reality?

    In less than a week, I’ve been completely turned on by Valiant!! The future is bleak for all characters of this universe. Ninjak may not be up to snuff but he won’t die easily!

  • NINJAK #6
    New story arc! Perfect for someone like me who is genuinely interested!! “The Shadow Wars” brings about a new covert group for Colin King to track and take down. Plus, how did he and his liaison officer meet and what secret is Neville Alcott keeping from the ninja spy?

Mike Maillaro

  • PREZ #3 – I was surprised when I found out this got changed from a 12-issue mini-series to two 6-issue minis. Hopefully that will help keep sales up and ensure the full run comes out. I’ve really enjoyed this series so far. Far better than the original. Though I totally want to see her fight vampires.

  • ANT-MAN: LAST DAYS – As far as I know, this is the only Last Days story that got its own one-shot. I actually suspect that they are just doing this because of the movie. For the most part, I have hated the Last Days stories, but I am excited for this one. Maybe I am just buying into the hype, but I like Scott Lang as Ant-Man, and Nick Spencer is always great.

  • SECRET WARS – Bunch of good books coming out this week. CIVIL WAR, MARVEL ZOMBIES, E IS FOR EXTINCTION, MODOK ASSASSIN, OLD MAN LOGAN, and WHERE MONSTERS DWELL The only new series seems to be HANK JOHNSON: AGENT OF HYDRA…not quite sure what that one is, but sounds fun.

  • DEAD DROP #4 – This has been a strange series, with each issue focusing on a different Valiant character. The conspiracy story has been real well done, and I love the unique format here. Nice to get a crossover without a huge investment for the reader.

  • GOTHAM BY MIDNIGHT #8 – I loved the first issue, but I did think that this series got a little shaky after that. I had kind of considered dropping it, but since it took a few months off for CONVERGENCE, the series has been far more consistent. A few good issues in a row and I’m staying a reader.

  • TEEN TITANS #11 – I do think they have been dragging out the split Titans story for a little too long, but I still enjoy this book. To be honest, I just love teen teams. This would likely be on my pull list unless it was totally unreadable (which happened during Lobdell’s run).

  • SPIDER-WOMAN #10 – Dennis Hopeless has been great on this book. The relaunch after SECRET WARS promises some huge changes (KNOCKED-UP SPIDER-WOMAN!). Curious how we got to that point. Hopefully this issue will give us some hints. Though it might not since supposedly Marvel is jumping forward a few months after SECRET WARS ends. Plenty of time for Jessica to get pregnant in between issues.

  • SUPERMAN #43 – “Truth” has been a big story, and SUPERMAN has slowly been filling in the back story. Hopefully, we’ll get a few more answers this month. It is taking away from the story now (three month in) that we still don’t know what happened to Superman.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 #3 – A consistently good book every month. I feel bad because there are a lot of books, I buy each week that I don’t talk about much in this column just because they are solid and reliable each month. I’m just not a good enough writer to make those books sound interesting month after month. JL 3001 is definitely worth a look each month. FLASH and GRAYDON come out this week too, and also fall in this same category. Terrific and reliable.

  • JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3 – To be honest, this book hasn’t done much for me. I actually think DC needs to just get rid of this book. It’s redundant with JUSTICE LEAGUE, which is a far better book.

Phil Allen

  • Batman ’66 #26 – Throughout this latest run, I’ve been enjoying seeing modern characters reimagined in the ’66 universe. Previously, we’ve seen Bane and Harley Quinn; now up, Poison Ivy!
  • Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1 – I haven’t played the game yet, but I’ve been enjoying the first comic book series based from it. And I’m always a fan of Tomasi since he began his run on Batman & Robin, so this one’s a no-brainer for me.
  • East of West #20 – I haven’t read the last issue yet, but this series has been one of my favorites with its consistent action-packed story and surprising twists. If you haven’t jumped on this wagon yet, check out previous volumes soon.
  • Gotham by Midnight #8 – I’m a huge Batman fan, and stories that focus more on the “behind-the-scenes” of Gotham are some of my favorites. Add supernatural elements more often seen in Justice League Dark and you’ve got a pretty unique series.
  • Rumble #6 – Both hilarious and action-packed, this a fun fantasy series about an old warrior trying to find justice and a mortal man who might be able to help him. Like I said, funny and action-packed, this is an exceptional series on the shelves these days.
  • They’re Not Like Us #7 – Though it’s one of my favorite titles out now, this book is an interesting look at the way young folks with super powers get by, and how even they can be taken advantage of. Original and thought-provoking, another cool series in a long list from Image these days.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Low #9
  • Lumberjanes #17
  • Sons of The Devil #4
  • Star Wars: Lando #3
  • We Are Robin #3

John Babos

  • Aquaman #43 – Like the creative team, but sadly still waiting on Tempest.

  • Book of Death: Fall of Ninjak #1

  • Deathstroke #9 – Godkiller sword and Wonder Woman. Awesome.

  • Flash #43 – Barry Allen’s father is a murderer thanks to Zoom!

  • Sinestro #14 – Great story, great story, great monthly read.

  • Teen Titans #11 – Not sure how I feel about this book. Holding out hope that Ethan Van Sciver takes over art as he teased on Facebook.
  • Dead Drop #4 and Ninjak #6 – Round out my 3 Valiant reads this week.






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