10 Thoughts On… Fear The Walking Dead: Episode 1



1. Day zero isn’t really a new concept in zombie fiction. Just because the original series had Rick waking up a few days later, doesn’t mean we haven’t seen the ‘virus spreads, people don’t believe it until shit gets real’ story many times before.

2. This series has a very soap opera feel. Is this The Bold and The Zombies? Days of Our Walkers?

3. None of the characters are particularly likable, but it’s great to see underrated kiwi actor Cliff Curtis get a shot as a leading man. Fingers crossed they don’t kill him off before the end of the episode.

4. Despite being on the other side of the law, Nick is the new Rick with his poor life choices. Hopefully someone will eat his face before too long, the whiny little bastard.

5. The drug addiction turns you into a zombie message isn’t exactly subtle.

6. Lots of foreshadowing (Is the principal a walker? Not yet!) and foreboding music to build the tension. At times this episode feels like a low budget horror movie.

7. The high school lecture about chaos theory is a nice touch, but do they really teach you about chaos theory in high school science class? Back in my day it was all pistels and stamen.

8. They seem to be implying that everybody is infected on day one, which seems a little implausible from a virology standpoint. Or maybe they’re just hammering home the anti-drug message, I’m not sure.

9. Why are they killing off all of the interesting characters? I liked double life drug dealer guy…

10. It looks like they’re going for a slow burn approach with a focus on family relationships. I’m not sure at this point whether that is a good or a bad thing, but the first episode was interesting enough to make me tune in next week.


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