Drew Galloway Talks About Current TNA Situation, Kurt Angle, Breaking into the Business


In a new interview, Drew Galloway talked about TNA and other items

here is the video

And some highlights:

His ambitions in Impact Wrestling: “I’m not here to make up the numbers, I’m here to eat them up, being the number one, I’m very much looking at getting the title and elevating more than it already is, like ICW, Evolve, I have something like seven world titles at the minute and when I get the title I want to represent the company and do my best with the belt.”

On who he would like to wrestle next: “Kurt Angle is top of the list, he is someone I looked up too, he’s done so much in the ring, then there is Bram he is from England, I’m Scotland we can have a battle a war in America and EC3 is such a good bad guy and a perfect opponent for myself.”

On wrestling in Britain: “It’s on fire, the second documentary I stared in in Insane Championship Wrestling did so well, places like ICW and PCW (Preston Championship Wrestling) have got real popularity, the scene is on fire here, in ICW the fans are a part of the roster, there is always something that happens that you can remember in each show.”

On his advice to people who want to get into the industry: “I’d say it is practice, practice, practice, and I wouldn’t say you have to be really young to start because people like DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) was in his mid 30’s when he really broke out on the roster and he won World titles.”

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