“Kayfabe” is Added to the Oxford Dictionary

In the ever-expanding English language, the Oxford Dictionary is trying to keep pace with pop culture. In a twist that I wasn’t expecting/was surprised it hadn’t been added already, the wrestling term “Kayfabe” has been included.
In a blog that listed all the other words being added, they had this to say about the word “Kayfabe”:

“Probably not familiar to those outside the world of pro wrestling, the term kayfabe refers to ‘the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic’. The origin of the word is uncertain, although it is often said to have arisen in American travelling carnivals. The word has been interpreted by some as being an alteration of ‘be fake’ backwards, while the -ay- element is typical of the way words are formed in Pig Latin.”

So how do wrestling fans feel about this? Is this a justification for our community now that it’s a “real” word now? Because it’s always been real to us (see what I did there?).

Source: Oxford Dictionaries

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