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Hey all back again for another Friday of WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…


As always I hope everyone has had a good week, and are getting some good comic reading. This week we are taking it back to the mature side of things. It is probably clear I fancy the weird and borderline psychotic stuff, well in this case the blatant psychotic stuff. I also tend to gravitate towards cult classics, and things that have stood the test of time, there is something about some stories that won’t die. Its crazy how those certain stories and characters can be immortalized effecting many generations, how some movies and pop culture can transcend into the category of timeless. Fight club was able to do this, I remember being younger and having everyone talking about this movie and how it needed to be seen. Coming on the tail end of the 90’s I remember a lot of my friends saying they saw this due to older siblings and cool parents, the funny thing is, for me this movie saw its resurgence later in the 2000’s probably due to us younglings growing old enough to finally catch on ourselves. Even now well into my 20’s the original fight club movie is referenced some how every so often, and with the star actors like Pitt and Norton making names for themselves its not hard to see why. Also add the fact it originated as a novel written by the same writer as the movie, and comic, its clear to see this might have been destined to be something special from day one.

Alright enough with the past movie, and novel talk, it’s time to get into some comics, and discuss WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…


The comic thrusts us 10 years into future, Sebastian seems to again, be living a comfortable life. Instead of living the mundane single man’s life, he has now acquired a wife and a good kid of a son keeping his responsibilities high, and taking up his time. Sebastian once traded his boring uneventful life to embark on a journey that was fight club. Him, along with his partner in crime, or subconscious partner in crime for that matter Tyler Durden, bus flipped their lives by starting an underground fighting club, allowing men to escape all they hate about their normal lives. After the success of this club Sebastian then change his life again and eventually ended up in the state he is now. Is his position better? He is again working a unfulfilling job, but now add a marriage without passion, and a un wavering love for a child to the mix, now adding a whole new dynamic of issues plaguing our protagonists life. Even with the prescription pills, and a family, it is clear Sebastian is again struggle with his current state, and his current life.


Through out reading the first 4 issues I found what I like most about Fight club 2, is it seems to be finally putting Sebastian into the main character role. Interestingly enough if you look at the original movie synoptious our main character is unknown and is hailed as the narrater, focusing the story on Tyler Durden. This is mostly the case with the book from what Ive researched and even with the promotion of this very comic, it more so hints to the return of Tyler. However Tyler must go through Sebastian first, and as a father and husband I don’t think he will go without a “fight”. Even with his wife falling for his subconscious counter part, and a son who is confused and gone missing, Sebastian finally steps into the forefront but trying to keep is life and family intact, even if Tyler is hell bent on his own return.

As Tyler is set to return, he comes with a new plan, a new vision he is ready to unleash upon the masses. His incredible charisma, and natural ability to get those to follow him, even in Sebastian’s wake, proves to be an interesting twist during this story. Time will only tell how Tyler plans to awaken and change the world, it is up to you to stick around and find out WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…


– Grainbelt Jones

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