“The European Soccer Transfer Window Is Closing & I’m Crazy Enough To LiveBlog It”, Part 1 (Fabio Borini, Charlie Austin, Kevin de Bruyne)


As it stands, the European Transfer Window for all clubs closes tomorrow. Domestic clubs are making every attempt, both desperate and elaborate to better themselves, become something greater and even grab the brass ring that is European glory. Those primetime showcase on Tuesday nights, the glory of Champions League โปรแกรมบอล looms large for every team. It’s the biggest measure of success and the biggest influx of revenue. As such, teams are made and broken on Deadline Days like today and tomorrow.

Think of it as the deadline for NBA Free Agency or NFL Free Agency. Even better think of it as the MLB Trade Deadline. Now take that idea, add the fact that teams are throwing anywhere from $35 million to $75 million at teams just to negotiate with their players, NOT counting personal terms with the aforementioned player…and things tend to get a little crazy.

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Since I volunteered the idea, it has come to me to be your Master of Ceremonies for what is this Silly Season of trades, transfers and dealings.

Without further adieu, here goes nothing:

* Kevin de Bruyne completed a transfer from VFL Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga to Man City for a ridiculous amount of cash and the knowledge that he’s going to be joining a Starting 11 with full aspirations to not only win the Premeir League, but Champions League as well. His signing is a declaration of intent from the blue side of Manchester. De Bruyne is a marvelous player, gifted on the wing as well as in the middle of the pitch. A Chelsea FC youth product, he floundered a bit until he found himself in Germany. A massive transfer fee associated with him, the worry is that he won’t live up to the money known affixed to himself. His talent however, is immense and the hope is that he’s finally ready to live up to his potential and prove Man City right in attaching such a large sum to him.

* Speaking of Manchester, Manchester United have sworn they aren’t in panic-mode after only scoring 3 goals thus far in English Premier League play. So of course, Louis Van Gaal, totalitarian manager, destroyer of worlds and football savant/weirdo is unloading Chicharito, and Adnan Januzasj while also completing a deal with French international, Anthony Martial, who is woefully overrated and a player that lies in the same realm as the people he’s getting rid of. Of course.

* Making things worse, Man Utd is in talks with the very-well-past-it Emmanuel Adebayor from Tottenham. Adebayor hasn’t been a relevant player in European football since the Queen’s jubilee. Think about that for a moment.

* While I personally believe that essentially swapping Chicharito for Adebayor is ridiculous, it’s good for Chicharito Hernandez. He is going to get starter minutes at a club that is competing at a high level both domestically and internationally. Hernandez had fallen down the pecking order with the Mexican National Team and it had become evident that he needed minutes to gain favor. What Hernandez needed was consistency and some burn. He’s going to get both at Leverkeusen.

* Last piece of Man Utd news? David De Gea, arguably the best goalkeeper in all the world is all but gone to Real Madrid, but sources are saying that Keylor Navas may be coming back the other way. No trust in Sergio Romero? Regardless, a player of De Gea’s quality is a major get for Madrid and the proper replacement/suitor to the crown left behind by Iker Casillas. It never should have been anybody else and to have the Spanish National goalkeeper of the future as your cornerstone for what will be the foreseeable future, is a coup.

* Fabio Borini just signed for Sunderland and all of Tyneside weeped. Borini has done nothing but disappointed since he’s put on a soccer jersey. He was woeful at Liverpool and an invisible man anywhere else. I understand the need for attack and someone who can score, but Borini has as much burn and power in his left and right foot as my little cousin. My little cousin probably also has more goals in the past 3 years.

* Charlie Austin looks set to go to Bournemouth and suddenly? They’re my favorite would-be underdog/ relegation-zone team. Charlie Austin is a poacher’s poacher. He’s not going to track back on defense, he’s not going to give you an extreme effort, but he’s going to beat an offside trap, find the correct spacing and be deadly in front of goal. Add him to a dynamo like Callum Wilson, and the frontline at Bournemouth is dangerous.

* Julian Draxler, the most underrated midfielder under 28, is headed to Wolfsburg as the replacement for Kevin De Bruyne. Great move. Drawler has been criminally overlooked on the world stage, but he could and should be looked at as a Mesut Ozil without the publicity. He’s well-grounded, technically sound and efficient. He has a habit of disappearing in games, but I chalk that up more to the system at his former club, Schalke 04 than his talent. He’s exceptional and a free-flowing attacking style at Wolfsburg will suit him just fine.

* Wolfsburg also adds Brazilian international, Dante to put a bow on a tremendous transfer window. They’ve made an incredible profit on Kevin De Bruyne, have made a profit getting rid of Aaron Hunt, have shored up their ranks with Draxler in the middle and Dante at the back, and they added more offensive help earlier in the window when they added Andre Schurrle. They’re as dangerous a team as there is right now in Europe and with the favorable draw they got in the Champions League, can make some noise going forward.

… With more deals to be done tomorrow, we’ll be back with more updates and with any breaking news as the Transfer Window winds down and reaches it’s wacky, exciting and often head-scratching conclusion.

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