JR Blog: Sting-Rollins NOC Title “Intriguing”, Divas, Hulk Hogan, Conduced “Powerful Interview” w/Scott Hall


Jim Ross had a new weekend heading into Raw, here are some of the highlights:

on Sting-Rollins NOC Title
The Sting-Rollins NOC Title bout is intriguing to me on a variety of fronts. It’s great to see old friend Sting get to headline a major WWE event even thought as I write this he has yet to win a WWE bout if you’re keeping score at home. Perhaps tonight will change that piece of business unless WWE is ‘saving’ Sting’s next in ring appearance for NOC. Rollins is evolving into a top hand without question and it will be interesting to see how he and Sting compliment each other’s strengths on September 20 in Houston. I like the booking. I think the match will out perform some skeptics predictions and that it should be a significant night for young, Rollins. Or does Sting score the upset and Sheamus cashes in the MITB Contract to become the Champ? I assume any thing is possible but I see Rollins retaining.

on Divas
Sounds like the Divas, is that term either over used or dated, will be featured prominently tonight. Let’s see if they work a body part while the announce team embellishes their skill sets. Keeping their presentation straight forward will appeal most to the TV viewer and will hopefully resonate with the live crowd in Tampa who are no strangers to most of these women. Very curious as to what direction creative takes these women….I mean Divas.

on Hulk Hogan on ABC
I missed the Hulk Hogan on ABC appearance Monday morning and it will be interesting to see the fallout or lack thereof will be on this matter as the week progresses. I’ve never considered Hogan a racist but obviously his choice of words is unacceptable in any environment. Hopefully, his public will forgive him and he can get on with the business of being “The Hulkster” and earning a living of which everyone has the right to do. Forgiveness isn’t a foreign term and can still be done in today’s cynical world if the individual seeking forgiveness is sincere and I have every reason to believe that Hogan is sincere as his rant was embarassing and humiliating with the ability to completely wreck one’s career.

on Powerful Interview w/Scott Hall
Did a powerful interview with WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall a couple of days ago and it will go live on foxsports.com Tuesday as I understand it. This was Scott being amazingly candid about his drug and alcohol issues and how he is addressing his situation and where he is as a Father, HOFer, and a guy who still has to go out and earn a living. I hope that you will check out this compelling interview. Scott has one of the best minds in the wrestling business, for the record.

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