Pull List Roundtable 9/2/2015 – Secret Wars, Plutona #1 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

  • Kind of a dull week. Not a lot of books I’m buying, and most of the ones I am buying are just kind of there and don’t get me all that excited to talk about.

  • SONIC BOOM #11 – My kids are pretty bummed they are ending this series. I know a lot of people have been pretty loudly against this “Sonic reboot,” but they found the cartoon and comic to be very funny. Cartoon Network has been a bit cryptic on whether or not the show would be coming back. It reminds me in a lot of ways of TEEN TITANS GO! Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but my kids enjoy it and they should be the target audience.

  • PLUTONA #1 – Jeff Lemire is a bit hit or miss for me, and I couldn’t get into DESCENDER at all. But this new Image series has a catchy premise, so I plan on giving it a shot: PLUTONA follows the story of five suburban kids who make a shocking discovery while exploring the woods one day after school…the body of Plutona, the world’s greatest superhero. A dark and heartbreaking journey about friendship and coming of age all through the lens of the superhero genre.

  • ALIENS/VAMPIRELLA #1 – The very idea of this crossover is insane. I normally would be a bit leery about this one, but I am on a big Vampirella kick lately. I have no idea how this could possibly work, but Dynamite doesn’t often let me down. I actually have a review copy of this one already, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

  • SECRET WARS – Is it wrong that the book I am most looking forward to this week is SPIDER-ISLAND, just because we get a May Parker backup story. Other SECRET WARS titles this week I want to read include AGE OF APOCALYPSE, AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES, FUTURE IMPERFECT, THORS, and STAR-LORD AND KITTY PRYDE.

  • DAREDEVIL #18 – Mark Waid’s Daredevil run comes to an end! It’s been a terrific story, and I can’t wait to see how it all ends. I am also eagerly waiting the new DAREDEVIL series which will be written by Charles Soule. DAREDEVIL always seems to draw some incredible writers.

James Fulton

  • Dark Corridors #2 – The first issue of this series was a nice surprise, a noir anthology book that reminds me of Darwin Cooke’s work. I’m down for more.
  • Dying and the Dead #3 – This Jonathan Hickman series has had me interested from the beginning, but it’s been incredibly sporadic, schedule wise. I’m hoping it gets back on track.
  • 8House: Kiem #3 – I still haven’t gotten a handle on how this series works yet, but I know that this issue is by a new artist, whose stuff looks amazing.
  • Lazarus #19 – The last issue of this title ended in a shock, and I’m looking forward to seeing if Forever makes it through. This series is amazing.
  • Plutona #1 – I’m not sure yet how I feel about Emi Lenox’s art, because everything I’ve ever seen from her is very sketch-oriented, but this is written by Jeff Lemire, and therefore is guaranteed an arc. I feel like we haven’t seen much from him lately outside of Descender and his Valiant work, so I’m ready for something new.

John Babos

  • 6 books this week, friends.

  • Adam.3 #2 – Writer-Arist Scott Kolins creator-owned book continues at Dark Horse. Tarzan meets John Carter and sci-fi goodness.

  • Batman Beyond #4 – Adult Tim Drake as the future’s Batman. What’s not to like from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang?

  • Green Arrow #44 – A book channeling Mike Grell’s 80’s tone. Love it!

  • Lobo #10 – Writer Cullen Bunn has Lobo doing some work for Bunn’s other villain centric title headline by Sinestro. Lobo isn’t a book I read regularly, but I’m intrigued.

  • Omega Men #4 – This is seemingly Kyle Rayner’s new series; a compelling read so far.

  • Squardon Sinister #3 – The new Squadron Supreme book post Secret Wars hopefully is set up through this book. A fun read this far.

Phil Allen

  • Casanova: Acedia #4 – I’m so glad Casanova is back, and was worried that this issue would be the last for a while. But Fraction has stated that ‘arc’ two will begin in issue #5!
  • Cluster #7 – I didn’t get in on this series until issue #3 was out, and I’ve really like where it’s been going. Not one of my favorites out now, but a very good series none the less.
  • John Flood #2 – I was surprised how much I liked the first issue, and I think the series has major potential. Find #1 if you haven’t already, this is one you’ll want to get in on.
  • Plutona #1 – Jeff Lemire is one of those writers who somehow never makes my “favorite writers ever” list, but he’s always solid, entertaining and original. I haven’t read much from Emi Lenox, but this looks to be a pretty cool series. Plus, you know you can’t wrong with Image lately.
  • The Dying & The Dead #3 – This series has been plagued with delays, so I’m glad this issue is finally out. #1 was out in January, and #2 in April. Issues #4-7 have been marked as “cancelled to be resolicited”, so it looks like they will be out but who knows when. I’m not sure what else Bodenheim has been working on lately, but I know Hickman has been busy doing that thing over at Marvel. Hopefully when it returns it will be on a regular schedule, because so far this series is easily on par with East of West, one of my favorite series out now.

    Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Bob’s Burgers #3 (Claerhout Cover)
  • DC Comics Bombshells #2
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year Four #9
  • Lazarus #19
  • Material #4
  • The Woods #16
  • We Stand On Guard #3

Paul Miranda

    Can’t get enough of this dark mystery!! A resolution is coming!

  • ADAM.3 #2 (of 5)
    One of Scott Kolins’ major influences was Jack “King” Kirby. He even acknowledged the superstar on Facebook in honour of what would’ve been the trailblazer’s 98th birthday. The landscape format is a great change of pace and the colours are simply eye-catching.

  • BAT-MITE #4 (of 6)
    I’ve been greatly remiss in mentioning several DC You titles these past few weeks. Despite the biting criticism of a certain comic news site and the controversy it received, DC You is here to stay!!

  • 18 DAYS #3
    I keep saying this and I mean it wholeheartedly: I am in awe of Graphic India and the quality work being produced especially by a stellar writer like Grant Morrison.

  • JEM and the HOLOGRAMS #6
    I’ve been reading this since the get-go but kept forgetting to include it every month. Call me girly, I don’t care! This is one admitted guilty pleasure. Can’t wait for the live-action motion pic!

  • HOUSE of M #2
  • SILK #7
  • SPIDER-ISLAND #3 (of 5)
  • THORS #3
    One title short of a dozen. FUTURE IMPERFECT and SILK end their runs but Cindy Moon returns in Oct. more sinister than ever! Four of these books have a penultimate issue.

    Say it ain’t so!Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s stupendous and sublime run officially comes to a close. The alliterative attorney will focus more on justice come October.

  • GROOT #4
    Cute is Groot! Plain and simple!! This goes beyond all-ages. Warm fuzzies all around! There’s no official news of cancellation so let’s keep our fingers crossed in this remaining an on-going.

    Stoked for this one. I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Morse since first reading her in the HAWKEYE mini-series from 1983. I was thrilled when she married Clint and officially became an Avenger. She went through some rough pages under the “New” and “Secret” titles but she’s ass-kicking once again! Plus, the fact that this one-shot introduces a brand new character named the Red Widow will have this burn up the charts and fly off the shelves!!

    Affordable reprints of strong female characters. Despite the low price, these are technically variants. Stock up, Marvelites!!



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