Wednesday Comments – My Thoughts on the DC You Titles, Part 2

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Welcome back to my continued thoughts on DC’s DC You publishing push. Last time I shared with you my first batch of thoughts on the newly launched titles. This week I’m back for another round. And hopefully you’ve returned as well.

JLA – I’m genuinely glad that DC is giving more artists a chance to write their own books. It’s a bold move and one that seems to be paying off, at least when editorial doesn’t get in the way (*cough*Batwoman*cough*).

And JLA has all of the grandeur you’d expect from Hitch telling a JLA story. I’m intrigued by the pieces he’s placed on the board and seeing what the story builds to. I’m actually enjoying this Justice League title more than the main one.

Martian Manhunter – This title is so deliciously weird that it’s irresistible. I’m loving how the three separate storylines have yet to really connect. I dig how I’m not really sure what’s going on, but I’m still enjoying the ride.

Eddy Barrows is really on top of game with this book. His detailed art really creepiness to Mr. Biscuits and tension to the scenes with J’onn. I really don’t know what Williams has planned, but I know that I can’t wait to find out.

Midnighter – This may be my favorite DC title, but it’s certainly my favorite DC You book. There’s literally nothing I don’t love about this book. I love how it fun and refreshing it is. I love how it focuses both on Midnighter’s private and professional lives. I love how it’s true to all aspects of Midnighter’s character.

I love the flashbacks with Apollo. I love the art by Aco and Morgan. I love how Orlando presents every aspect of Midnighter’s life in a matter-of-fact fashion. Midnigher really is the triumph of the DC You mini relaunch.

Prez – If it weren’t for Midnigher, Prez would be the star of the DC You. Prez is a book that feels more topical than ever, especially thanks to Deez Nuts. I can’t think of a book that’s felt more “of the moment” than this (except maybe for Top Cow’s Genius, sadly).

But Prez manages to feel youthful without feel forced. It’s also an incredibly sharp critique of the modern political machine, corporate greed and American culture in general. Honestly, Prez feels too sharp for DC, I think it’d be better served under the Vertigo banner.

The Omega Men – One of the few DC You books that I actually predicted, The Omega Men isn’t an easy pill to swallow. The audience is thrust into an alien system and has to determine if our leads are freedom fighters, terrorists or both. And there’s also the fan favorite character that they’re holding hostage.

To Tom King’s credit he has a clarity of vision that instills you with trust, even as you get your bearing storywise. It doesn’t hurt that part of the team on the wonderful Grayson, which earns him the benefit of doubt when it comes to any misgivings on this title. The Omega Men feels like a slow burn, but I’m anticipating greatness once it gets going.

Robin: Son of Batman – This book has all the ingredients for disaster; fan favorite character, artist turned first time writer, new status quo. Yet Gleason deftly manages to produce a book full of energy and fun to read.

Obviously Gleason’s art is as stellar as always, but the story is equally engaging. Damian is on a quest of redemption and he’s finding his way in the world. Gleason manages to do good job of realizing that while yes, Damian was raised by trained killers, he’s still just a kid.

We Are Robin – Yet another artist turned writer and yet another great book to ready. Bermejo’s writing is solid, but his art on covers is striking. The way he deemphasizes faces so that you’ve focusing on the “we” in the title, it’s just beautiful.

The interior art by Corona contrasts with the covers, but matches the story perfectly. The notion of a group of kids looking to fill a void in the city (and presumably their lives) seems like the perfect fit for Gotham. It’s actually a wonder why this hasn’t been done before.

So there you have it, those are my thoughts on the DC You titles that I’m reading. Next week, I’ve give you the scoop on the books that I didn’t pick up and why.

Well, it’s Wednesday, which means fresh new comic books at you local comic shop; hurry and get ‘em while they’re hot!