Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Amazing Race Canada‘s Brian & Cynthia Boyd

Despite a valiant effort, married police officers Brian and Cynthia Boyd were the seventh team to be eliminated from The Amazing Race Canada. I caught up with the team to discuss what went wrong.

Murtz Jaffer: Brian, it seemed like you and Cynthia didn’t have a lot of trouble in India aside from finding a cab near the end of the leg. You didn’t really make any mistakes. Is it easier knowing that you didn’t go to the wrong location or completely fail at a task and that your elimination seemed to be bad luck more than anything else?

Brian Boyd: For sure, yes. We were always most concerned about the uncontrollable factors/circumstances. Such as cabs and traffic jams.

MJ: Cynthia, were you surprised that it came down to you and Gino and Jesse at the end? You and the brothers had both been doing pretty well up until this leg.

Cynthia Boyd: Yes and no. We didn’t think we were last and knew Dujean and Leilani were on the second ferry with us. But they won that leg. During the race you just never know.

MJ: Brian, do you feel like you and Cynthia surprised people with how well you did?

BB: Not really, those who know us know that we are very driven and tenacious. We will never give up or take penalties.

MJ: Cynthia, Brian seemed to lose his cool near the end of the episode. Was it just the frustration of not being able to get a cab?

CB: There are many factors: lack of sleep, dehydrations, heat was a big one with 50 plus degrees.

MJ: Brian, in your Amazing Race Canada website biographies, it says that your pet peeve about Cynthia is that she is a perfectionist and Cynthia says that you are impatient. Do you feel those traits came out on the show?

BB: My impatience did come out.

MJ: Cynthia, aside from your own, which other team’s elimination surprised you the most?

CB: It’s anybody’s game – the show started with 12 different dynamic duos, each bringing something different to the race. And sometimes luck plays a huge factor into why a team wins a leg or loses a leg.

MJ: Brian, do you feel like alpha male teams have an advantage on the show? For the most part, Gino and Jesse and Nick and Matt have seemed to do quite well.

BB: Yes – those two teams do have the physical strength on their side to help them get far on the show. But really, it’s anyone’s game.

MJ: Cynthia, what was the best part about being on the show?

CB: Being with my husband.

MJ: Brian, I know you guys said you wanted to go to Fiji if you won the money. Do you still plan to go?

BB: Absolutely.

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