Pull List Roundtable 9/9/2015 – Star Wars: Shattered Empire #1, Batman #44, Secret Wars & More (Spoilers)

John Babos

7 books this week.

  • Batman #44 – Intrigued more by the march to the milestone Batman #50 than I am former Commissioner Gordan as Batman and Bruce Wayne as amnesiac. Solid creative team though.
  • Earth 2 Society #4 – Love this series. Not sold on the whole repurposed planet Telos from Convergence as the new Earth 2, but the almost hopeful yet post apocalyptic tone of the book is refreshing.
  • Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens: Shattered Empire #1 – With one of the longest titles in comics history, this mini-series will have clamoring for Star Wars VII that hits theaters in December 2015. This 4 issue mini-series bridges the gap between the last Star Wars film, chronologically, 1983’s Return of the Jedi and 2015’s The Force Awakens. This has a proven to be a winning formula in animation as Star Wars: Rebels bridges the gap between 2005’s Revenge of the Sith and 1977’s A New Hope.
  • New Suicide Squad #12 – I’ve loved this concept since writer John Ostrander introduced it to DC Comics in the mid-1980’s. The 2016 feature film should garner more readers for this excellent and sometimes overlooked series. This iteration feels like spiritual yet contemporary successor to Ostrander’s much beloved run.
  • Ninjak #7 – Valiant’s techno ninja. What’s not to like?
  • Star Trek / Green Lantern #3 – The rebooted Star Trek film characters and the Green Lantern Corps together. A Klingon with a yellow ring? Awesome sauce!
  • Unity #22 – Valiant’s Justice League. If you read only one book from Valiant it should be Unity.

James Fulton

  • Bitch Planet #5 – It took me a bit to get into it, but I’m really liking this series, which has fallen way behind its schedule. I’m glad to see it coming out again.
  • Journey to Star Wars Blah Blah Blah #1 – Despite the ridiculously long title, I have very high hopes for this series bridging the continuity between the original and the new Star Wars movies. I’m going to assume that there is much closer cooperation between Marvel and Lucasfilms than there was back in the day, so we don’t have to worry about wildly incorrect guesses or disconnects between the comics page and the film.
  • Starve #4 – Starve is turning out to be one of the best books that Brian Wood has written in a long time, and Danijel Zezelj is always amazing. This is a great series.
  • Suiciders #6 – I’ve enjoyed Lee Bermejo’s work on this title, and am excited to see how it all ends.
  • The Walking Dead #145 – Any week with a new Walking Dead in it is going to be a good one. Especially after what Kirkman and Adlard have gotten up to lately.

Mike Maillaro

  • VAMPIRELLA ARCHIVES – VOL. 12 – I never really read many classic horror comics. Recently, I have gotten into Vampirella thanks to the great work Nancy Collins has done on Dynamite’s current series. On a whime, I picked up the first Vampirella Archives. I enjoyed it so much, I went right out and bought the other 10 volumes. I will definitely pick up this one too.
  • JON SABLE, FREELANCE OMNIBUS, Vol. 1 – This was already an expensive week, and then I saw this on the new release list. I love Mike Grell, and Jon Sable might be his masterpiece. I even like his work on Job Sable more than Green Arrow anad Warlord, and that’s saying a lot. My biggest wish in comics is that Grell gets around to doing more Jon Sable.
  • JOURNEY TO STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS: SHATTERED EMPIRE #1 – There was a lot of new Star Wars toys and books this week, including 5 novels leading into the new movie. I’ve been reading AFTERMATH the last few days, and I liked it so much I will probably do a review for it. This comic series is another part of the answer to “What happened between RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS?” Marvel has done a great job with their new Star Wars comics. I will admit, I am still a little concerned about having to forget everything I knew from the older Star Wars novels, but I have not been this hyped for SECRET WARS in a while.
  • SECRET WARS – What? We’re not done yet?? Damn you, Marvel! I am looking forward to PLANET HULK, SECRET WARS 2099, CIVIL WAR, A-FORCE, and GIANT SIZE LITTLE MARVEL.
  • ACTION COMICS #44 – Now that we finally know what lef to Superman’s identity going public and his power going wonky, I feel a lot more comfortable with TRUTH. Unfortunately, I have been hearing rumors that DC might be cutting this story short to restore Superman back to status quo. I hope that is just BS. TRUTH has been some of the best Superman stories I’ve read in a long time.
  • BATMAN/SUPERMAN #24 – Something about this crossover has been bugging me since it started, and I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then it finally occurred to me, Superman and Bat-Gordan not trusting each other just doesn’t make sense. I find it hard to believe that Batman never told either of them that they could trust the other. It seems like a huge stretch, even if all three characters are pretty different because of New 52.
  • SAVIOR #6 – This series has flown under the radar, but has been a real good read. It is a very cool take on superhero mythology. It kind of reminds me of something you would expect to see in ASTRO CITY, but with a lot of unique twists A nice surprise and worth checking out.
  • BLOODSTRIKE #2 – I will admit, I am annoyed we got another Extreme Comics reboot. I was really enjoying the last BLOODSTRIKE series. That said, I did like the first issue of this relaunch. BRIGADE and BLOODSTRIKE were some of my favorite comics back in the day, and Liefeld has done a good job bringing them back. Though I still want to know what happened top the last relaunch…are these books going to vanish suddenly too?
  • SWORDS OF SORROW #5 – All the pieces have been coming together here real well to set up the final confrontation between our heroes and Prince Charming. SWORDS OF SORROW has been great, and I can’t wait to see how it wraps up over these last two issues.
  • BATMAN #44 – Last issue we found out Bruce Wayne is back, but with no memories of being Batman. I really wonder where this story is going to go from here. I am also really interested in finding out what the reveal in BATMAN BEYOND means (that Gordon’s armor is actually the original Batman Beyond armor). Hopefully, we will get some answers.
  • UNITY #22 – This current arc with the War-Monger has been awesome. Also I love seeing the various incarnations of UNITY that have appeared through history. Really coo stuff here.
  • NINJAK #7 – I though NINJAK got off to a slow start, but it’s finally hitting its stride. Ninjak’s quest to take down the Shadow Seven has worked real well and turned this book around.

Phil Allen

  • Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special #1 – I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Harley Quinn in the New52, as I don’t like the characterization and the story arcs are hit and miss. But getting the Gotham City Sirens back together? I’m there.
  • Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens #1 – The other new Star Wars series have been great, and I can’t pass up the prequel to the upcoming movie. This one’s a no-brainer for me.
  • Star Trek / Green Lantern #3 – I’ve mentioned before that I thought the pacing of issue #1 was a bit fast, possibly due to having to cram in all of the awesome potential this series could have. However, issue #2 leveled off a bit and was just as enjoyable. No other complaints from issue #2, so I’m definitely in on #3. I recommend this series to fans of either franchise.
  • Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #2 – Issue #1 was the first I’d ever read of any Phonogram, and it was a great place to start if you are also new to the series. It’s a bit different than The Wicked + The Divine (from the same creators), and in a good way. Highly recommended for music fans, too.
  • The Wicked + The Divine #14 – I’ve been enjoying this run with guest artists, but the original team returns for this issue! From the description, it looks to be a pretty epic one too, so count me in.
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Batman #44
  • Bitch Planet #5
  • Darth Vader #9
  • Deadly Class #16
  • Gotham Academy #10
  • Ms. Marvel #18
  • Outcast #12
  • Rebels #6
  • Suiciders #6

Paul Miranda

  • KING TIGER #2 (of 4)
    I never heard of the original incarnation but I enjoyed the first issue well enough. It reminds me of Kung-Fu with the right blend of modern mysticism.
    Social commentary comes with this storyline whether the creators intended that or expected it. The battle for Kentville has its last stand! Plus, we finally learn more about the Shadow Warriors.
    Irreverent is the best word for this mini. This month’s guest-star is my ultimate super-heroine number one: Wonder Woman!!! Please don’t tell me that she’s Bueno Excellente’s blushing bride
  • BATMAN #44
    Jock reacquaints himself with the Dark Knight along with his collaborator on WYTCHES: Scott Snyder! The twist is that it’s Bruce behind the cowl in a flashback tale that ties in to the slow rise of the newest villain to enter the Bat-universe: Mr. Bloom.
    Jim and Clark: can they get past their mistrust to solidify as the World’s Finest? Highly unlikely!! The extension of “Truth” reaches its end here.
    Every high-schooler has to study Shakespeare. The trio of Olive, Maps, and Pomeline join the production of Macbeth and are cast as the three witches. Natch! They must investigate if the curse really applies to every single realization of this ‘haunted’ play.
    Loving the rotating membership as well as artists. The main focus should still be the core four. I’ve never been a lover of any WWII material but I’m looking forward to Sgt. Rock, Enemy Ace, et. al. and see how they fit into the JLU’s urgent mission.
    Not gonna lie: perusing through these pages to see how Jim Gordon deals with these freelance mercs.
    Whimsical, attractive, and simply delightful. All three creators have yet to disappoint!! Star and new heroine Atlee have to keep Key West afloat. [Forgive my negligence in not mentioning this title the previous two months.
  • RED SONJA/CONAN #2 (of 4)
    The She-Devil with a Sword is more than capable of holding her own but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help from friends. She’s been put out of commission and only the Cimmerian can give the proper assist.
  • SADHU: BIRTH of the WARRIOR #3 (of 6)
    Graphic India keeps me happy as a lark. Chuck Dixon has an excellent grasp on Indian mythology and weaves a tapestry of a dysfunctional dynasty.
    The Federation goes to war against the Klingons!! To complicate matters: the GLC are fighting Sinestro. Tag team times two!! The most mind-bending mash-up carries on.
    It feels like an eternity since the previous issue was released. The women in space prison face their first (and hopefully only) deathmatch. Oh, boy! I mean, girl. I mean, woman!! They will triumph!
  • A-FORCE #4
  • CIVIL WAR #4
  • Ms. MARVEL #18
  • RED SKULL #3 (of 3)
  • SECRET WARS 2099 #5 (of 5)
  • SIEGE #3
    Week 18, four and a half months. Many series begin to conclude. At least half for this current dozen. C.B. Cebulski stated “everything counts” post-Secret Wars. Readers not need worry about rebooting continuity. There’ll be another seven consecutive weeks followed by the humorous SECRET WARS TOO in November and the extended SECRET WARS #9 in December.
    Double-dose of STAR WARS this week! The Dark Lord begins to break away from the Empire he serves.
  • JTSW: The FORCE AWAKENS #1 (of 4)
    One of the most anticipated Lucas books leading into the most hyped movie for 2015!!! This is an extended ‘sequel’ to Return of the Jedi.
    The TV series is hotter than ever!! Skye Daisy has been one of the most popular characters since its inception! She has now embraced her Inhumanness and will lead a covert group based on the Secret Warriors!!
    More affordable entries to Marvel’s amazing women! For a buck apiece, it’s a great way to crack that spine and preserve your pristine first printing wink emoticon
  • NINJAK #7
    My recent exposure to the Valiant universe is making me gush with excitement!! Colin King the perfect blend of hi-tech spy and ninja is no exception!! “Shadow Wars” part two has him face a more ruthless enemy.
  • UNITY #22
    The cream of the crop are the only ones that can deal with the biggest threats. Teamwork is beyond crucial to vanquish War-Monger!


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