25 Fall TV Shows You HAVE To Watch: #21 Limitless (CBS, Jake McDorman, Jennifer Carpenter)

Number 21 in our Top 25 Fall TV preview!

Limitless (Tues, Sept 22, 10:00) CBS


What is it: Taking place after the events of the hit film Limitless, the show follows Brian Finch after he discovers a drug that increases his IQ to four digits and allows him to recall everything he’s ever seen or heard.

Why you should watch: The movie was actually pretty good and, in my opinion, underrated. The concept is solid enough that if an actor with enough charism sells it, it can work. Plus, Bradley Cooper will be reprising his role from the film. So if nothing else, we get to see super smart Cooper again. There seems to be no shortage of Sci-fi TV shows coming out this fall. If nothing else, it’ll be fun to compare Limitless and Minority Report, two TV shows that are based on successful Sci-Fi films.

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