25 Fall TV Shows You HAVE To Watch: #20 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher)

On to number 20!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Sun, Sep 27, 8:30) FOX

Brooklyn 99 S2 Poster [www.imagesplitter.net]

What is it: This Golden Globe winning TV show follows the foibles and hijinks of Brooklyn’s 99th police precinct.

Why you should watch: The show is consistently funny and manages to subvert normal workplace tropes in a way that’s interesting and fresh. Andy Samberg, in a Golden Globe winning performance, is reliably funny and deep in the role of Jake Perolta. Now that The Office and Parks and Recreation are no longer on the air, the workplace comedy has had trouble finding any sort of reliably good shows. Brooklyn Nine-Nine seems to have solidified itself as one of the few remaining consistently funny shows in the genre. It’s a worthy successor to the NBC comedies of the past, even if it is on FOX.

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