ROH TV, Results and review from the September 9th show

While the show only featured two matches, ROH might have presented the best 1 hour of wrestling in recent times. Two big matches to set up things for their upcoming All-Star Extravaganza PPV (09/18). In results from the show:

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: ROH World Tag Team Champions The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) w. Chris Sabin vs The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson)

Very good match between two teams who know each-other well. Lots of interference perhaps prevented this one to be excellent (I’ll let you judge for yourself), but said interference was there for a reason. Towards the end The Kingdom came out and, alternatively, attacked both teams. A Marie distraction allowed Kazarian to roll up Matt Jackson for the pin. Post-match, Nigel McGuiness comes out and berates The Addiction and The Kingdom for not respecting the values ROH was build on. He feels The Young Bucks still deserve a title shot and ends up making a triple threat match for All-Star Extravaganza.

Next was a Inside ROH segment with Mandy Leon. The subject was the Dalton Castle/Silas Young feud, to be concluded at the PPV. Castle added the stipulation that if Silas lost, he had to become one of hos “boys”. Young responded with a stellar promo. The whole segment was very amusing and well executed.

Main Event for the ROH World Title: World Champion Jay Lethal w. Truth Martini, J Diesel and Donovan Dijak vs “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong

Corino called this an “instant classic” afterwards and it’s difficult to argue with him. Excellent, hard-hitting, competitive match-up between those two. Refreshingly free of interference also, as both decided to adhere to the Code of Honor. Crowd was split between Lethal and Strong at the start, before trowing their full support behind Mr ROH, much to the disgust of Lethal. Some breath-taking near-falls towards the end, that had the crowd going crazy at the prospect of a Strong win. Alas for them, Lethal prevailed, but what a match. Both received a well deserved standing ovation afterwards.

During the match Kevin Kelly stated that ROH and NJPW officials were discussing ROH title defenses in Japan in 2016. If Lethal is still champion by then, think Nakamura here.

Excellent show, go out of your way to watch this.





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