Rabblecast 417 – A Conversation On Yvonne Craig & Wes Craven

In recent pop culture news, we were saddened by the passing of both, Yvonne Craig and Wes Craven.

Yvonne Craig, best known for her role as, Batgirl on the 1966 Batman TV series. Fans loved her as the first on-screen portrayal of the Batgirl character. She also made a lasting impression to Star Trek fans as, Orion Slave Girl Marta in the episode “Whom Gods Destroy”.

Wes Craven became synonymous with the horror genre with various films such as, Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, The Serpent and The Rainbow, among others. Wes Craven is the creator of the, Nightmare on Elm Street series and its villain, Freddy Kruger.

We give our little nod to these to greats as we talk about their careers and accomplishments in the entertainment industry.

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