Big Brother 17 Episode 36 Recap & Spoilers 09.13.2015


Big Brother 17 Episode 36 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

Previously on Big Brother… The house bafflingly chooses to keep Liz over Julia.

The haha moment in the opening credit is that Julia still looks good in black and white.

Opening credits.

Back to the Head of Household competition where four houseguests have to move eggs over a rainbow tent. There is a minor twist with a bonus prize. Sorry the LUXURY PRIZE. For a “once in a lifetime” trip outside the BB house. Liz is fired up. Montage of various egg drops. Must suck to get it halfway or more and then lose the egg. Austin says he is officially in a showmance. Austin up early with 2 eggs. Vanessa, Austin and John are virtually tied as Liz is way behind. This seems really tedious to be doing. Liz goes for the Luxury Prize and effectively gives up. The other three are shown head to head.

Commercial Break

We’re back at the end, and Austin drops an egg, Johnny Mac is close but Vanessa gets the 10th first and is the new Head of Household. She talks about being stuck between her two alliances and needing to choose. Steve is excited to see Vanessa win.

Vanessa is going around and talking to everyone about various deals people have. First she talks to Steve, who reveals that he made a deal with Liz to keep her over Julia. Liz would vote to keep Steve over Vanessa. She notes this. Then she goes to talk to Austin, and stirs it up a bit. Next up she goes to Johnny Mac. They talk about a fake plan to talk to Austin to preserve their “feud”. But Vanessa is suspect. They show clips of her proposing the fake deal and Johnny is confused why she doesnt remember.

Vanessa and Liz go to the pantry room to talk. Everyone is claiming they are saying whatever they have to say to get thru each week. Austin, Vanessa and Liz are all wearing hot pink in the same shot! Looks like it’s turning against Johnny Mac. Shots of Johnny and Austin talking strategy from a few days ago. Vanessa is looking crazy and says she is going to go with her gut, and that’s it.

Commercial Break

In the HOH room, Vanessa and Steve are talking about her strategy. She thinks the best bet is Johnny Mac as her target because he’s a floater who won’t win, so someone will want to bring him along to the final 2. Next she brings Austin into the HOH room. If she goes with them, she wants these conditions: 1) vote her way 2) dont use the veto if he wins 3) try to win HOH next week. Austin and Judas are united for her plan. They show clips of Austin and Vanessa making a final 2 deal on day 2. Austin swears on his love for Liz and his family name and all he holds dear. Groan. They shake on that.

Vanessa seems to believe Austin as we head to

Commercial Break

The doorbell rings and who is it… Frankie Grande!!! He acts like himself and runs and screams and hugs everyone. Steve is marking out. Frankie is extra glittery today. It just so happens that Ariana Grande is performing at the Staples Center TONIGHT. Frankie is bringing her along, she gets a private suite and of course to meet Ariana. Plus a Hollywood hair and makeup team to hide her identity. Liz chooses Vanessa to go with.

Clips of them getting made up for the show. Vanessa is going to be a purple haired rocker chick. Liz has a “mom” look with short red hair and an orange dress. They both look very different, especially Liz.

The girls are driven up to the Staples Center in a limo and they meet Frankie. Montage of them meeting Ariana Grande, and them getting a special sneak peak of her new fragrance! Frankie is trying SO HARD all the time. Liz gives an interview just so happy about the concert. They take a selfie. Like OMG.

Back in the house, everyone is just lounging around. The girls come back screaming. Liz jumps into Austin’s arms. Liz is Dakota, Vanessa is Roxxy. Austin gives a creepy promo as Judas about Liz’s look.

Commercial Break

Johnny Mac finally goes up to Vanessa’s HOH room. She reveals her plan to get rid of him because she feels stuck between two showmances. Johnny in confessional says he doesnt recall making out with Steve. He is going to try to use reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology on her. Johnny throws Steve under the bus.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony.

Vanessa nominates Steve and Johnny Mac. She says despite ups and downs, she adores Steve. She has so much respect for Johnny as a competitor. Vanessa says the reason is that she believes that they are more loyal to each other than to her.

Vanessa says that her gut feels like she made the right decision and hopes she does not have to use the Veto.

Austin wants the noms staying the same as well.

Johnny Mac said he has to win the veto or he’s evicted so he has to win the POV.

Who do you think is the next to be evicted on Big Brother?

  • Austin (45%, 39 Votes)
  • Steve (37%, 32 Votes)
  • Johnny Mac (12%, 10 Votes)
  • Vanessa (3%, 3 Votes)
  • Liz (2%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 86

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