WWE Monday Night Raw News: Nikki Bella/Charlotte Finish Could Be Changed By John Cena


John Cena Nikky Bella

As you all know, Charlotte challenges Nikky Bella for the Diva Championship on tonights RAW. Aside from the championship, the record for longest reigning Diva’s Champion, currently held by AJ Lee, is also at stake. if Nikky Bella wins tonight, she will not only retain her championship but also break that record.

According to Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer, plans for this match have gone back and forth. Meltzer noted that anything can happen tonight, but, if Charlotte doesn’t win, this will probably be because of the influence of Nikky’s boyfriend, John Cena.

Cena has reportedly used his influence in the past already, when there were plans for Nikky to lose the championship. We will see if his standing within WWE comes into play tonight.

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