Top 5 Candidates For Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Mystery Partner At WWE Night of Champions 2015

RAW didn’t deliver an answer to the question of who Reigns and Ambrose’s mystery partner will be. This, of course, spawned all sorts of speculation on the internet. Here are the 5 wrestlers most often cited and why:

1 – Erick Rowan: The most likely for most. While he is still ostensibly injured, he is expected to return soon so it could be WWE’s medical staff has already cleared him or expects to do so this week. His history with the Wyatt’s also makes him a prime candidate.

2 – Kane: Seems like an odd choice, and is mostly based on the fact that Kane was tentatively scheduled to appear on RAW these past few weeks. Could be a good way to re-introduce The Big Red machine, I guess, but the absence of much conflict between Kane and The Wyatt’s, or any link between Kane and the former Shield members would make this a weird choice in my book.

3 – The Rock: Of course The Rock would be named, given his link with Reigns, but that seems a real long shot to me. The Rock has a successful movie career and has been very careful at picking when and where he appears. I just don’t think a B PPV is his scene. That being said, Reigns did tease The Rock would be back soon recently and that seems to be enough for some to go for The Great One. Wouldn’t bet much on this myself.

4 – Samoa Joe: The Samoan connection would come into play here, also the fact that when you go for a fight, you might as well bring a fighter. While this idea might be appealing to many, let us not forget that Joe’s biggest supporter is Triple H and that Vince, reportedly, doesn’t really believe in him. So while Vinnie Mac shouldn’t be too troubled about Samoa Joe being in NXT, bringing him up to the main roster might be another matter entirely.

5 – Daniel Bryan: Again a long shot. First, while Bryan has been cleared by his doctors, WWE Medical still hasn’t cleared him (as far as I know at least). Secondly, while Bryan does have some sort of history with most others in the match, it seems unlikely that WWE wouldn’t advertise his appearance in order to augment interest for their PPV. Of course it could also be WWE just doesn’t care anymore about that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for this one, as fun as it would be.


My own pick: I wouldn’t mind Bryan or Joe, but, realistically, it’s gotta be: Erick Rowan. And remember, this is all pure speculation.


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