TRA’s Trashy Mail Sack Question: What’s Your Negative Top 5? and “Trash of the Week”


What’s up, ladies and gents?

The last Trashy Mail Sack was a load of fun! And it’s that time again for our Trashy Mail Sack Question! This week, we want to know;

Which current active wrestlers from any promotion would make your Top Negative 5 (which five current f*ckers can you not stand at all)?

Also, we’re starting a new segment on TRA entitled TRASH OF THE WEEK, where we’ll let you guys tell us who you think is the trashiest person in the industry. And this isn’t a kayfabe question. Examples of contenders to this title would include Hulk Hogan, Zahra Schreiber, Jimmy Snuka, etc.

Leave your answers and questions in the comments section below or tweet it to us @TRAttire. We’ll read each of your answers and respond to your questions in our upcoming TRA episode, so be on the lookout for it (we’re on iTunes and also will be posted here on Pulse).

We look forward to hearing from you guys. Keep it trashy!

– BD and Kue

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