10 Thoughts on The Mindy Project – While I was Sleeping

Hello and Welcome! The Mindy Project made it’s Hulu debut last night and wow. I am not super familiar with this show. In fact, I had never watched an entire episode all the way through before I sat down and watched this. I know, seems odd to drop in on season 4, but hey if I’m doing it once this week, why not twice? Anyway, here are some thoughts, from an initiated viewer.

1.Uhm. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in this.

And he’s really good and charming. Why did no one tell me he was in this!?

2. Oh… Because it’s not real…

Looks like it’s an alternate timeline situation. What would have happened if Mindy never fell in love with… Danny? Is that his name? I’m learning, folks, gimme a break. But if she would have ended up with JGL in her alternate timeline, looks like she fucked up pretty bad in her actual life.

3. Jeez, this Danny guy is real grumpy

But later in the episode, we get to see him back with Mindy. Looks like a match made in heaven. That is, they are both miserable without each other. Awww… I’m sorry, this must be so irritating for people who like this show.

4. Mindy’s parent are AWESOME

They seem like genuinely cool people. At one point her father screams, “It’s the greatest family in the world!” And I’m kind of inclined to believe him. Well done with your parenting, pops.

5. That’s a cool pinball machine…

It’s South Park themed. I’m a fan of this chick.

6. Okay, I guess it’s a It’s a Wonderful Life situation

That’s cool. It’s a little played out. But it’s kind of nice to see that revived. With Mindy as George Bailey. Nice comparison, Hinckley.


I love Mark Duplass and he is in this. I might love this show. So in Mindy’s dream, she’s having an affair with him. I am impressed. She seems to have really good luck with awesome men. I’m a little bummed he’s only in this episode for a hit second. Emphasis on hot. The situation. Not Duplass. They’re talking about sex. I’m not gay.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: “I can’t believe this! Of all nights! When my college roommate is town!”

They were going to have a threesome. With Mindy and him. Ew.

9. It’s really interesting to see a character depicted in two different timelines in the same episode

That is, Danny. In one timeline, he hates Mindy and is sleeping with a different Indian woman. In the other, he’s trying to get Mindy’s parents to approve of him marrying her. I’ve never seen something like that. Especially not on a sitcom.

10. Aww. That was sweet.

Okay, so I’ve resisted seeing this show for a long time. But now I think I get it. It’s very sweet and the acting is quite good. There’s a lot of fun humor and the relationships are really solid. Well, folks. Looks like I’ll be binge watching the first three seasons in preparation for next week. I’m bummed there will be no Joseph Gordon-Levitt. God help me.

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