WWE Reportedly Asks Their Talent Not To Have Contact With Hulk Hogan, Forbes Comments On Hogan’s Media Appearances

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is currently asking its affiliated talents not to have any contacts with Hulk Hogan. Hogan himself is still embarked on a media campaign to restore his image after the racist-comments-on-sex-tape scandal. He has stated he would like to return to WWE one day.

Forbes’ Alfred Konuwa commented on Hogan’s “Please forgive me” tour:

“Just over one month after The National Inquirer released Hulk Hogan’s racist remarks from a 2012 sex tape, Hogan is already making the media rounds for his obligatory apology tour. In recent years, pop culture has been dominated not only by scandals, but the ensuing public demand for apologies.

And while Hogan’s pleas for forgiveness were to be expected, to resurface so suddenly certainly raises eyebrows.

Following a Very expensive divorce settlement with his wife of 23 years in 2011, having reliable streams of income has become very important over the years. Hogan’s current status as a social pariah will make it difficult to be embraced by advertisers, so damage control is imperative.”