Grainbelt Jones Shoots: On Missing Lucha Underground, Nikki Wins LOL, Live Raw and smackdown Event Atmosphere, Presents The Sit down award, and Much, Much more….


Hey guys, back after a little bit of a Hiatus, I took some time off from writing about wrestling to recharge the old wrestling fan inside. I didn’t expect the lack of Lucha Underground to hit me so hard, so I haven’t really been as inspired to write about other products currently. All in all I did take some time to watch some AAA events to tide me over but it just doesn’t have that same Lucha feel. If you happen to check out Botchamania 285, you’ll see some of their events had crazy audio issues, and more content from the original Botchcara. My theory happens to be the Sincara gimmick is just cursed as a whole, and after watching Summerslam, it proves my analysis, as we saw more botches from the WWE’s rendition of the character. Seems like the Lucha Dragons should be called the Botcha Dragons going forward, but that is neither here nor there!

Lucha Underground In Talks with Televisa…

LuchagamebannerAs far as Lucha Underground Goes it seems they are in negotiations with Televisa, which would be gold if a deal goes through. Hopefully they will be able to make a deal that won’t compromise the production value of the show, and we will see all of our favorite stars back soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and still hoping they can start shooting first of the year as predicted, so I think its time to re watch season 1 to pass the time. If they do return I really hope they come up with an interesting commentary team, I loved the chemistry beheld by Vamp and Striker, but it’s clear they put Vampiro in a different roll. I just hope they go with someone else other than the man who took over for the Ultima Lucha finale, I hated the commentary during that show, even though the show itself was great. With Striker and Michael Schiavello there was pretty much 2 color guys jocking for position, and Michael’s fight voice was driving me nuts. I don’t think it took away from the show per say but I wouldn’t like the vibe going forward, wrestling is wrestling, and I don’t want to feel like I’m watching Strike force, or some kind of bootleg MMA fight night.


Live Event Atmosphere…

Earlier last month I had the opportunity to hit Raw and Smackdown Live, Raw in Washington, and Smackdown in Oregon. At the time I was on social media and a friend of mine purposed a good question of why I go to live shows if I’m so critical of the WWE product. At first it hit me, like man am I that conditioned? But upon going I was quickly reminded as to why i love the live shows so much. First and foremost I go because being there live can re engage you into the product as a whole, and get you fired up to follow the stories they ‘re telling, honestly though, this time WWE failed at this. Even with some of the cool stuff going on, I wasn’t too wowed and maybe thats because the shows I went to were low on stars, and the week after we saw the return of Brock Lesner and the Undertaker. The real reason I go to live shows is because I love freaking wrestling, and I love the environment that us the fans create at these events. When you walk through those doors everyone seems to be one and we all understand that no matter who we cheer or boo, we are all fans, and we love the art that is wrestling, plain and simple. This vibe of a worked sport can not be matched by any other pro sports fueled by competition, and the mingling of fans a like are just unique in the wresting world. One thing I will say is WWE attracts ALL wrestling fans and for those who love wrestling in general, this could be the equivalent of going to a baseball game but not actually watching baseball on a regular. Its weird how in every other sport people can go just for the spectacle of being at the game and not really follow the sport, but to hit a WWE show you can’t be critical of the product? So a fan who is critical and hates the current state of his Minnesota Vikings ( I have home town pride) because they suck, can still go to almost every game? But I as a wrestling fan can’t go to WWE if I don’t like their current programming? No sir!!! I love wrestling and I love being around the people who love wrestling, and I saw just as many Lucha Underground shirts as I did WWE shirts, (ok I exaggerated a little bit, but as Batista says, “DEAL WITH IT”) and same with fans having other indy promotion shirts as well. The atmosphere is just to proper and I always find at least one or 2 people I connect with in the section I end up sitting. This makes  landing good seats critical and I always seem to be apart of a group who loves to chant and get involved, and there is nothing like that feeling in a major stadium. Enjoying the show and chanting with those around you, while participating in this atmosphere and energy is what makes wrestling so special, I love the small room feel you can get on the indies, but there is no feeling like a big arena pop, and to be apart of that is magic. Even though I do have my reservations about how WWE’s politics go down, I can’t lie to myself and act like I haven’t been a fan since before I was old enough to understand said politics, and the part they play in society, thus the little boy inside who has loved wrestling since he can remember enjoys it regardless, even if I hate how the new day are being treated or not. To sum this up there is nothing like a live show no matter how bad WWE can conduct their business, and sometimes to enjoy what life gives us, we must let go of the personal feelings we have and enjoy the darn energy! Plus you get shout whatever the hell you want, and you will be heard, good seats permitting.


The Sit The F**K Down Award…

Now for this Columns SIT THE F**K down award, I would like to present it too Virgil, dude seriously just sit the hell down. All these tweets of him crying about paving the way for blacks in WWE is freaking ridiculous, and what he said to Xzavier woods via tweets are just insane. This man needs to pull out his old NWO shirt, and re crawl back into Hulk Hogans ass from which he came, and then maybe society will forgive Hogan for using the N word, but only if he absorbs the outlandish coonery that is Virgil via his back side. Like seriously VIRGIL? Pave the way?? Dude you paved the way for no one, and you will continue to beg for people to take your merch in subways, and continue to sit alone at conventions until you accept the insignificance of your career.

Nikki Wins LOL, and the none Diva’s revolution…nikkiwinslol

Well guys we saw Nikki Bella become the longest Reigning Diva’s champion in History, and of course the internet’s panties got into a huge bunch. The AJ Lee lovers
stormed social media by sharing their diss taste for WWE’s decision and how this proves there was no Diva’s revolution. First let me say there is no Diva’s revolution because WWE sucks at booking, and they ruined the natural build of the story by giving the term to Michael Cole, bashing it into the ground. Fact is there is no revolution if we are being marketed to believe in one, add the fact they stifled fan favorite Sasha Banks, further proves we are on borrowed time before things go back to normal. I would also like to say, people STOP worrying about AJ Lee, yes we know she is beloved which is deserved, but honestly this is the best thing that could have happened. The Bella’s are Divas, I mean have you seen their show? We all know they are not the best workers, and be honest, do you really want a good wrestler such as AJ Lee to be known as the longest reigning “Divas” champion? That Butterfly belt is trash and we’ve known this for a long time, its best WWE tells their story and keeps that thing on the disgusting, vain person that is Nikki Bella, plus it goes along with their narrative of having fake ass people become the face of their company. If this was the women’s belt I would totally understand, but its not, so just stop getting all worked up over a belt that looks like it should be defended on the channel E, with all the other catty and poorly representations of women that channel has to offer.

More Curvy Women Please…

flairbumWith all that said let me segue into the lack of full figured women on this product, now I know this is also something that plagued the men as well until recently, but seriously, women should have a much broader representation. Due to the fact their time on the show is much more limited, we should get a little bit more of a broader range of women. I’m tired of seeing the same fake plastic looking women like Eva Marie, or the vain catty women like the Bellas’. I want some THICK WOMEN, and not these ultra skinny types that dudes on twitter lie and say they have nice booties. Now don’t say well there is Naomi, let me get something straight, there is a difference  between being thick and having a big butt, and being a full figured voluptuous women. Natty I would say is Voluptuous,(on the curve) but honestly we don’t need every single women to be super chiseled and toned either, especially the full figured ones like Beth Phoenix. Having a few curvy women on the roster wouldn’t hurt the product at all, and not all the men in the world are attracted to these ultra petite and/or overly chiseled women. Not that the women are only here for us to marvel at, but hey WWE sure promotes that by making the women fall into being just eye candy, and continuing to book them like their male counterparts. Hell some of the men are even getting pushed based on their looks, have we forgotten Roman Reigns? So don’t turn this into me just wanting more women I’m attracted to, VS women with wresting skills.  Also if I hear Paige and Charlotte have nice butts one more freaking time!!! As talented as Charlotte is, can someone please give her some freaking pants to wear, her butt looks like the Hank Hill’s ass (see upper left) and it is not by any means flattering. Sasha Banks is the best looking petite girl on the roster, and as far as Paige, Becky Lynch and Eva Marie, I really don’t understand the mass attraction, has society really been this trained to marvel at these bland women?? I personally would have suggested adding Jessicka Havok to the roster but she is a racist, so we will leave the black hater to wither and die along with TNA. So instead I will go with Minnesota’s own and a personal favorite of mine ODB. I think if they made her less of a tom boy she could really add to the roster, or hell keep her a tom boy because there is a demographic for that too, you can’t tell me they can’t replace some of the useless talent like Rosa Mendez and Bird faced Summer Rea for a few voluptuous women.  Maybe if they did this women like Natty would actually have more women to wrestle??? Hmmm funny how diversifying works isn’t it. Oh and for the record Lana is average as well, and I just don’t understand men obsessing over seeing her underwear, can we please do something different for the ladies look wise? Oh and bring back the women’s title while your at it! Hey…. I can dream can’t I?????

Crushing My Soul With New Day…newday

The last thing on the agenda is how torn I am with the New Day. I have covered this before about my distaste for the faction, and I don’t like how WWE makes its black roster stay in the same perpetuated stereotypes that plague us in all mainstream culture. I already discussed how this is more of an American thing in general VS just a WWE thing. As Ive said before the fans turned New Day Heel because unfortunately this country still suffers from ideals that paint a certain culture in a negative and sometimes inferior light. When they tried to be good and be positive the fans bashed it without giving them the proper chance, and now that they are clapping and dancing around like a circus act AMERICA LOVES The New Day. Every podcast, blog and personal interaction now praise them for basically being baboons, running around with a trombone and exploiting their culture to be treated like a joke in order to get paid, and to wear the gold. Its funny how now people are saying they are the most entertaining act on the show, but at what cost? Another false and un justified representation of an entire race, all for the people not within that race and their personal enjoyment, I do however know there are  blacks out there that are so brainwashed, they accept the ridiculousness as well, just as the common man does. Here are some of the memes floating around ( see upper right)… Really? This meme genuinely pissed me off, and of course with any success blacks are subjected to this bigoted nonsense, even if we obtained it by exploiting ourselves for the pleasure of others, and people have the nerve to continue to say past ideals about certain cultures don’t still exist? I’m happy for them and their “success” if you could call it that, but I am annoyed with how they obtained it. I want to support them because Blacks don’t get these opportunities as much, but I feel like in order to do so I need to chip away at my own soul, which creates a weird dynamic. You want to support but you don’t want to support them looking like animals in a cage dancing for other peoples happiness at their own expense, and at the expense of their culture, and it has become quite old seeing blacks continuing to be marginalized. It’s is only a matter of time before Uhaa Nation becomes WWE’s latest victim, UH OH too late I forgot, they already took 2 black guy names fuzed them together and deemed him Apollo Crews, (Apollo Creed and Terry Crews). How original WWE, it won’t be long now…… the marginalized black man train is pulling into the station….

Honorable Mentions…

Well guys I hope you enjoyed the read, I plan on doing these from time to time until Lucha Returns. I don’t plan on getting something out every week (at least for now) because I don’t want to beat the same topics into the ground, but I would like to add my commentary as things come up. I stayed away from the Snuka stuff, and the Nazi Nxt stuff, due to there being plenty of commentary on that out on the net already, and frankly what I have to say probably has been covered. I will say its really weird people are using the N word and all this racial stuff to try and destroy peoples lives, but hey people shouldn’t be posting stupid none sense on social media, always remember kids, if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Peace all, Until next time, I hope you enjoyed my Shoot!!!!

– Grainbelt Jones