Big Brother 17 Episode 39 Recap & Spoilers 09.20.2015


Big Brother 17 Episode 39 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following John’s eviction, and the Final 3 is now officially Vanessa, Liz, and Steve. Vanessa tells us she’s happy who she’s gotten to the end with, and thinks they would both take her to the end. Steve tells us he’s sad John left as a friend and someone who’d take him to the end, but happy because he wouldn’t have been able to beat him. Liz tells us she’s happy to be at the end, and wants nothing more than to be at the end with Vanessa.

Vanessa tells Steve she was expecting John to put up more of a fight, and Steve says John knew he was leaving. Steve tells Vanessa she must now have a Final 2 with Liz, and she claims she doesn’t. Steve says there is absolutely no way she voted out John without making a deal with Liz, and she must have at least made Liz promise to take her, and she doesn’t deny it. Vanessa tells Steve that she’s still certain he would beat her. Steve tells us that he’d be a moron to take Vanessa to the Final 2, and that he thinks he would win if he was the one to get her out.

And now, it’s time for our annual review of this year’s Big Brother season. The topics the Final 3 recapped include:

  • The Twin Twist
  • Vanessa’s confrontations and breakdowns
  • Liztin
  • James and Meg’s friendship
  • Steve and John’s nerdmance
  • Clelli
  • Becky getting hit by a train
  • Clay’s mumbling
  • Audrey being the first transgender houseguest, and her gameplay
  • James pranks
  • Wackstreet Boys
  • Diary Room’s

The first part of the Final HOH begins, going into a cliffhanger for Wednesday’s Finale. Be sure to check back in the days leading up for our final live feed recaps, and after Wednesday’s episode for our full recap of the Big Brother 17 finale.

Who do you think will win Big Brother 17?

  • Steve (63%, 113 Votes)
  • Vanessa (30%, 53 Votes)
  • Liz (7%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 179

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