JR Blog: Comparing TNA to WWE Women in 2015, Seth Rollins Booking, Kurt Angle


Jim Ross had a new blog this week, here are some highlights

on Comparing TNA to WWE Women in 2015
Enjoyed the work of the TNA women this week as they ventured outside the box and unlike many of their male counterparts in the business the ladies are not languishing in their comfort zones. Too many men are obsessed to get their sh!t in and that’s what their matches often times turn out to be.

The WWE women had a solid week of in ring action too and I expect Charlotte vs Nikki Bella to have a really good bout Sunday at WWE NOC. The women who party less and spend more time on perfecting their game will find much more money and success than those that feel compelled to enjoy the night life too often.

BTW…Gail Kim vs Awesome Kong on Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory PPV on Oct 4 should be worth the price of the PPV alone. Love both those ladies who are each a credit to the business.

on Seth Rollins Booking
If Seth Rollins doesn’t become the next “it” guy in WWE it won’t be for a lack of exposure. I’m a Rollins fan because I see some of the great, HBK in him at times. plus I admire Rollins work ethic. WWE is walking a thin line in overexposing Seth, IMO, but thus far he is holding up well but it won’t always be that way if Rollins continues to be all over the TV every week.

For those that think that Rollins is being booked “weak” I couldn’t disagree more. Heels of average size, like Rollins, are naturally vulnerable which isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of reality. A champion who is beatable but has to cheat to win is money. Always has been and always will be. Gorgeous George, Buddy Rogers, Ric Flair and HBK are just a few of the examples of what I just outlined and please don’t hit back with the “…but times have changed” line.

on Kurt Angle
My man Kurt Angle is promoting his first ever “Golden Truth Tour” that comes to the UK Nov 18-23 in six cities for a gold medal winning Q&A. I’d love to attend this one myself. Good job Triple M promotions. Love to see Kurt in WWE HOF sooner than later.

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