Paige Talks About Her Frustration with WWE Creative Over “Submission Sorority” Name


In a San Jose Comic Con panel, Paige talked a bit about her recent WWE experiences  highlights, via Wrestlezone:

On telling creative that the Survivor Series crowd would turn on the faces when her match was 4-on-1: “I knew it was going to turn out the way it did because I was on the bad guys’ side, but I said to them, ‘there’s five girls against one girl, even if she’s a bad guy, [the audience] is going to support the one by herself’ and that’s how it turned out.” Paige continued, “the whole crowd ended up turning on the good guys and chanting for me instead, but it’s just like, ‘okay, so you’re dumb. I told you this.’”

On knowing what Submission Sorority meant: “I said to a couple of the writers, I was like, ‘dude, Submission Sorority? Don’t let children Google that. So we have to, like, change it.’ And they were like, ‘oh, we’ll speak with Vince at some point.’ And, I’m like, ‘okay’. And then I see we get called the Submission Sorority on Raw the next day, there are millions of people watching, and then suddenly people are like, ‘oh great, you’re in a porn group’.”