Rasslin’ Roundtable for WWE Night of Champions 2015 PPV

Full match by match preview and predictions from the Pulse Wrestling staff!

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Sting

CB: Seth Rollins is a personal favorite of mine, but he obviously has not been a ratings juggernaut since becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I think he will lose both titles at Night of Champions in a huge reset for WWE to try and counter the return of football season. After all, if Sting becomes the Champ, then guess who can challenge him? That’s right, HEEL Undertaker.
Winner: Sting

Spain: I get why the WWE might want to have Sting as World Champion on their books, if for no other reason than so they can say they did. But I just can’t see it happening, for either a long-term or a short-term gain. I’ll not say that it’s impossible, because this is the WWE, and anything can happen even if it shouldn’t. But I’d like to think they had more sense. I see Rollins losing the US Title earlier on, and then screwing Sting in this match.
Winner (and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion): Seth Rollins

Sam P – Sheamus isn’t on the card. And that’s worrying. Sting to win and Sheamus to rob him? For me, that’s the worst outcome. As much of an icon as Sting is, I don’t think he should be in the title picture. His past accolades are phenomenal and it’s remarkable to see him in WWE, but that doesn’t make him a legitimate threat in the modern era. This won’t be a straight finish and I’m sure the Authority will be involved somehow. Triple H to turn on Rollins and side with Sheamus? Possibly. What I’m saying is, I don’t know.
Winner: Seth Rollins?

Pat Metalhead: It seems unlikely to me Sting will win here, simply because it wouldn’t achieve a thing. Except maybe for the “shock” image of Sting holding the WWE title. But I don’t think they’ll go for that, this being WWE and all. In fact the whole pupose of this match still escapes me, nothing against Sting, on the contrary, but his days in a main event spot are long over, even he realizes that. So, Rollins retains.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Widro – In WWE logic, Sting made Seth tap out to end Raw, thus he will lose on the PPV.
Winner: Seth Rollins

United States Title
Seth Rollins (c) vs. John Cena

CB: The John Cena US Open Challenge was a well-received 30 minutes on Monday Night Raw every week. They could use that again to help fill a huge block of time with something people actually like rather than whatever they have been using that half-hour for instead.
Winner: John Cena

Spain: I like that Rollins held two belts at a time, even if he didn’t necessarily do everything he could have done with them. But I think it makes sense to give Cena back the title, and let the great run of open challenges continue, which in itself is way more than Seth ever did for the belt. It also creates a measure of unease and tension for Rollins’ following defence.
Winner (and the new United States Champion): John Cena

Sam P – I’m really into the Seth Rollins situation. I’m struggling to figure out what the outcome will be with his two matches and that’s incredibly refreshing. There’s so many connotations. It’s a wrestling Rubik’s Cube. I’d be surprised if he leaves with both titles, but he really needs to take at least one victory away as he’s lost A LOT recently.
Winner: John Cena

Pat Metalhead: We still don’t know if this will be the main event or no, but, regardless, I don’t see Cena losing here. This is Cena, remember? He has to get his loss back a some point. Also, it may be WWE wants to bring back he Cena Open Challenge, Vince and Co do like their stalemates. Furthermore, Rollins can’t keep the two titles forever, they run the risk of further devaluating the “lesser” title. Finally, word is Cena isn’t in line for another WWE title run until 2016. A long run with the US Tile might therefore be in the works.
Winner: John Cena

Widro – Since Seth is beating Sting, he will lose to Cena, plus Cena wins.
Winner: Cena

Intercontinental Title
Ryback (c) vs. Kevin Owens

CB: Kevin Owens is one of the only guys right now who can step into any feud with anybody and just make it work. He has become one of the last true heels remaining in WWE and does it so well that he creates an automatic buzz with anyone he’s put up against. I can see Kevin Owens becoming the IC Champ here with Cena as US Champ, and them resuming their barbs against each other even if they don’t feud all-out again … yet.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Spain: I am so very excited to have Owens holding a belt, and I’m willing to settle for it being the IC title. But I think it would be smarter if Ryback walks away with the strap this time, thereby setting Owens up for a better victory later. I might be very, very wrong, but that’s just what I’m feeling.
Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Ryback

Sam P – I can’t get on board with Ryback. I nothing him. Owens is so good with a belt on his shoulder and can legitimately elevate the Championship like Cena did with the US Title. Please WWE, let KO come out on top. I beg you.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Pat Metalhead: I’m less bothered by Ryback than some. Yes, he is limited, yes, he is sometimes careless in the ring, but WWE has a long tradition of jacked up guys being pushed to some extend, and, let’s face it, Ryback isn’t the even the worst in that bunch. That being said, Owens HAS to win here in my opinion. It’s simple, a loss won’t hurt Ryback, while Owens has lost the NXT title in recent months and failed in his attempts to recuperate it and gain the US title. If he loses again…. Well, then we’ll know WWE has no real plans with him, won’t we?
Winner: Kevin Owens

Widro – There has been nothing to indicate that Kevin Owens is in line for a push of any kind with a title belt.
Winner: Ryback

WWE Divas Title
Nikki Bella (c) vs. Charlotte

CB: These forced factions in the Divas Division are terrible. Just let the new women do what they did in NXT and they would be just fine. Hopefully, Charlotte wins and Paige turns heel at some point to accelerate the splitting up of these teams.
Winner: Charlotte

Spain: As I’d mentioned in my last review, I think having Nikki break the record was a pretty smart move. Now, however, I think the best way to capitalise on that feat is to have her defeated for the belt. It doesn’t have to be right now, but as you’ve got Charlotte going for the title, then I figure it’s hitting multiple birds with one stone.
Winner (and the new WWE Divas Champion): Charlotte

Sam P – Charlotte needs to come out victorious to move the Divas Revolution in to gear. With her holding the gold, there can be quality matches on a consistent basis with a plethora of talent. How great would it be for her to bring back the Women’s Championship on Raw? That’s rhetorical. It would be great.
Winner: Charlotte

Pat Metalhead: The whole Nikki Bella/Charlotte thing has become one of those situations where everyone gets something but no-one really wins. Last Monday Nikki broke a meaningless record. This Sunday, Charlotte will finally conquer the Diva title. Whether that will be the big moment she was hoping for remains doubtful, WWE has diminished interest in this match with their atrocious booking. I really hope the so-called Diva Revolution can recuperate from this and move on, but, given the way this was handled until now, I remain doubtful.
Winner: Charlotte

Widro – WWE already botched the finish of the title match on Raw, sucking all the momentum out of the title win. Having already done the “visual” of having Charlotte win with her father Ric in attendance, I think they will swerve and have Paige turn heel on Charlotte and cost her the title.
Winner: Nikki

Tag Team Title
The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz

CB: This is one of my favorite matches in the card as The New Day have been CRUSHING it with their #SaveTheTables campaign. Also, there is nothing more glorious than Xavier Woods taunting other tag teams with his trombone. When The Dudleyz do wind up putting all three New Day members through tables, it will be awesome to watch. New Day will retain, but the tables will likely not be saved.
Winners: New Day, who will then get put through TABLES

Spain: It’s good to see the Dudleys back, and although the matches haven’t been exactly what I’d have liked so far, I think this one could be great. Thing is, I don’t believe that the Dudleys are going to walk away with the belts. For the New Day, beating such a team (even if they go onto later lose the belts in a later defence) is going to be an absolute rocket for them. And if their promos have been so good thus far, imagine them once they get a win over the Dudley Boyz.
Winners (and still the WWE Tag Team Champions): It’s a New Day: yes it is.

Sam P – I popped so hard on the Dudley’s return I broke my weasel. And the New Day are so golden, it’s like Midas can’t stop touching them. The Dudleyville residents will likely take the belts at some point, but not today.
Winner: The New Day

Pat Metalhead: I hope New Day wins, I really do. And don’t worry I’m not gonna launch myself into another rant about acts from the past, but, the simple fact is the Dudley’s have written their legacy already and while I agree that they can play a role in today’s tag team division they do not need the titles to do that. The New Day face a different problem. While over with the crowds, being destroyed by the Dudley’s will work counter-productive here and partly nullify the progress they’ve made as an act. And, while having the Dudley’s hold those belts again might be a “mark out” moment, ultimately it will achieve nothing. New Day is the future of that division, not the residents from Dudleyville.
Winner: New Day

Widro – I think it will be a wacky finish that keeps the titles on the New Day building to no DQ/tables matches down the line.
Winners: New Day

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose & A MYSTERY PARTNER vs. The Wyatt Family

CB: Who will the Mystery Partner be? I am going with Samoa Joe, though there is a rumor it might be Baron Corbin. I just don’t see Corbin jiving with The Shield, and if he was their partner I think he would just be a plant for The Wyatts. I am going to stick with my original pick.
Winners: Reigns, Ambrose and ??? (I say Samoa Joe)

Spain: I’ve been pretty impressed by the way the powers that be have stuck behind their portrayal of Babyface McPubebeard, and I’ve been intrigued by the whole ‘mystery partner’ aspect of the match (if everyone else already knows who it is, then fuck you: I’m enjoying the suspense). But I reckon we’re going to be gearing up towards WrestleMania in a couple of months, and I think Roman Reigns is going to have to start looking like a beast. Whoever the partner may be, I reckon we’re going to see Reigns hit Lesnar-esque levels of badass in this match.
Winners: Shield 2.0Sam P – The Mystery Partner element is fun. If Erick Rowan walks about I’m going to bitch slap the first person I see on Monday morning. If it’s Cesaro, that’d be grand. If it’s Daniel Bryan, I’ll convert to Christianity because there is a god.
Winner: Depends on the partner. But Ambrose, Reigns & Mystery Man

Pat Metalhead: Well no use bringing in a mystery partner if you’re gonna lose, yes? So this one seems pretty straightforward to me unless there are some shenanigans involved, which is certainly not impossible in this situation. As for the identity of said mystery partner, Kane (Big Red Monster Kane) seems to be favorite now, if you believe the internet. Wait and see.
Winner: Reigns, Ambrose and X

Widro – The mystery partner could be anyone including a big let down. My pick is Erick Rowen, who promptly turns on Reigns and Ambrose and gives the Wyatts the win.
Winners: Wyatts

Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev

CB: I might be the only person who actually thoroughly enjoys this whole love saga. It adds a different feel to the show and I think Summer Rae has been very underrated and underutilized for a very long time. I also LOVE Rusev’s heel mic work, and his quips against Dolph and Lana have been hilarious to hear. At some point, they will put Rusev and Lana back together, perhaps even as a babyface team if they do the type of reunion they did with Macho Man and Elizabeth all those years ago. For now…
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Spain: There too ways that this match could go. 1) Ziggler could win and that could be the end of it. B) There could be shenanigans, and the feud could continue. And as much as I appreciate the match quality, I hate this feud like Zeus hated consent. So I’m going to be hopeful and say that it all ends here.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Sam P – I don’t care. Let it end.
Winner: Ziggler.

Pat Metalhead: Again? Oh I don’t know. Don’t really care either which is funny because I actually like both. But not in this storyline. It is rumored WWE wants to drop th whole thing which would be good news in my book.
Winner: Summer Rae

Widro – It’s hard to pick a winner when the match result means so little. I’ll go with Dolph Ziggler with some kind of girl distraction.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Kick Off Show Match
Stardust & The Ascension vs. Neville & The Lucha Dragons

CB: This is another lower card storyline I have enjoyed. The Cosmic Wasteland have been a perfect villainous fit together, and Neville with The Lucha Dragons are definitely super baby faces that you want to see overcome peril. This time around, the villains get the nod…
Winners: The Cosmic Wasteland

Spain: If this match was in any way important, it wouldn’t be on the pre-show. So let’s just make everyone happy at first: the high-flyers win.
Winner: Neville and the Lucha Dragons

Sam P – For the first time since their step up from NXT, I’m actually looking forward to an Ascension match. Hopefully this will push them into some sort of relevance as well as reinvigorate Cody. Neville and the Dragons will bounce around like mad men but take the loss.
Winner: Cosmic Wasteland.

Pat Metalhead: Well at least all those guys made it to the pre-show. They must be so happy. No idea what to expect here though.
Winner: Lucha Neville

Widro: I like funny low card angles like this. Should be a fun match.
Winners: Stardust/Ascension

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