10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 09.21.2015 (Wyatts/Reigns War Continues, Charlotte/Paige Explodes, Seth Rollins vs. John Cena)


1. Wyatt Family Opens Raw: The Wyatt family came out and began to talk about how they beat Reigns and Ambrose the previous night. Reigns came out and began to fight, followed by Ambrose out to help. Next the Viper, Randy Orton, returned, the three men standing in the ring against the Wyatts who had been beaten back up the ramp. It was nice seeing Orton return and the continuation of the feud but am I the only one who found it odd that Jericho wasn’t mentioned/ there?

2. Corporate Kane: Kane was back in his suit tonight and acted as though nothing had happened on Sunday. Rollins was confused and scared and ran to tell Triple H & Stephanie. Throughout the night we’d see more of Corporate Kane being confused and everyone around him just lost for words. An odd twist but one that WWE seems determined to stick with.

3. Neville & Lucha Dragons v. Stardust & The Ascension: Neville took the brunt of the beatings, giving his masked partner a chance to shine (especially Kallisto). In the end Neville & the Lucha Dragons won, the heroes v. villains angle was successful and everyone wanting the heroes to be victorious after their defeat was appeased. I expected a bit more from this group but at least all the wrestlers in this angle are consistently good performers.


4. Ryback v. Bo Dallas: Another example of Bo Dallas being sacrificed as a punching bag while Ryback and Owens glared daggers at each other. Nothing really exciting here although Owens was perfect in his heelish commentary. Also, Owens attacking Ryback after the match was an added touch that will help spur this rivalry forward.


5. Divas Championship Celebration: We all knew it was coming. No one in this industry can remain happy/ not jealous or frustrated for too long. Paige snapped, was rude to Charlotte, Becky and Ric Flair before walking out, cementing her heel status once more. Charlotte v. Brie was announced as the next match, allowing Nikki to run her mouth briefly as well. This may have been my favorite segment of the night.


6. Charlotte v. Brie: After the emotional fallout it was nice to see Charlotte focus and buckle down to pick up a win. The spear & Figure 8 put Brie away fairly easily and it was nice to see the win but I’m wondering, if her knee was injured, how come she could pull off spectacular moves two nights in a row and not limp terribly after? Must be her family’s determined spirit I guess. For as great as the segment before and the match the previous night was I was a little disappointed on this match.


7. Mark Henry v. Sheamus: It looked like Mike Henry wouldn’t be used for jobbing but then he was. Sheamus ran over Henry in the end and it was all over. It’s a shame to see Henry used like that. Sheamus messing up his Brogue kick the first time was awkward to watch, for me anyway.


8. Dolph Ziggler & The Dudley Boyz v. Rusev (w/ Summer) & The New Day: The match was good overall. Ziggler was isolated from his team for most of the match. There was even a throwback with the Dudleyz holding Rusev captive while Dolp said “What’s up?!” and head butted Rusev’s lower extremities. The best part was Xavier Woods being superkicked off of the apron by Ziggler (Summer catching the trombone) and then Ziggler being kicked by Rusev for the pin.


9. Natalya v. Naomi:  It was nice to see Natalya back. I just wish she’d been given more time in her return match. With the rest of Team BAD getting involved Natalya was beaten and Paige looked on after her brief conversation with Natalya before the match. I wonder if there is an upcoming angle with Paige and Natalya, it looks that way.


10. Cesaro v. Big Show: Seeing Cesaro lose again to the Big Show was painful but it gave Big Show the platform to be imposing and remind everyone that he should be taken seriously. At least, more seriously than he has been as it’s not his fault booking has been terrible. Cesaro continues to suffer after Summer Slam, I hope he gets an upswing soon too.

11. U.S. Championship Match; John Cena v. Seth Rollins: The match itself was good, allowing both men to show they were worse for wear (Rollins being more injured than Cena, of course). It was a good match, full of Rollins’ arrogance and Cena’s powerful displays WWE books him to use. Of course, after the match, we saw more of Kane. Kane’s pretending to not remember Night of Champions was entertaining, although odd, all night. A video of Kane on the titantron distracted Rollins. Kane, meanwhile, was under the ring and popped up through it to drag Seth back down under the ring.


While seeing a bit of the demon Kane was nice, this angle of “I don’t remember” Jekyll & Hyde style would be more entertaining if it was put off believable, rather than a comical “uh-oh Kane can’t remember, oopsie” storytelling style (I’m sorry, Kane’s encouraging voice is just annoying) would help make us take Kane’s continued ring presence more seriously. As it is, he feels like an inside joke, one the fans aren’t in on.

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