WWE Main Event Taping Results (Zack Ryder vs. Adam Rose, Sheamus vs. Swagger, Team BAD vs. Team Bella) [Spoilers]

What’s up on Main Event?

There are matches taped for WWE Main Event, an international show not seen in the US currently.

Compared to the Elimination Chamber where it was sold out, 40 percent of the arena is tarped off, which is typical for Smackdown here in Corpus.

Dark Match

1. The Dudley Boyz beat Heath Slater and Brad Maddox. Slater was going on a promo until the Dudley Boyz came out. The crowd had a good pop for the 3D win and throughout the match.

WWE Main Event TV Taping

1. Sasha Banks, Naomi, and Tamina beat Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and Alicia Fox. The crowd was decent for the match as Sasha had the crowd clapping for Team BAD for a second. As chaos ensued, Sasha came with her finisher on Alicia for the win.

2. Stardust (w/The Ascension) beat R-Truth.

3. Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger. Swagger had some pop but when Sheamus can’t get a pop bigger then the tired “you look stupid chants” I hope he is not the next WWE Champion. Sheamus won off the Brouge Kick.

4. Zack Ryder beat Adam Rose. Adam Rose came out to do his party pooper gimmick. Zack Ryder came out and took him out within 10 seconds. There was a funny moment where they played Ryback’s music when Ryder won, then they switched it to Ryder’s music. It appears Smackdown is up next.

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Source: Dot Net reader Ernest DLG