10 Thoughts on NXT – Vaudvillains, Bull Dempsey, Asuka

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1. I get that Eva Marie is something that WWE want to push, but putting her in the ring against Carmella is only likely to expose her weaknesses. While Carmella continues to improve (slowly), she can’t carry dead wood like Eva Marie at this point, and the match was about as good as expected.

2. Next up we’ve got Bull Demsey, who has unfortunately lost the t-shirt in favor of the old-timey tights. Not a good look for a fat man, or anyone else for that matter.

3. Bull’s match against Tyler Breeze was entertaining without being spectacular, and the rope leverage pin from Breeze was heel 101.

4. The introduction of Asuka was handled nicely, although her schoolgirl happiness at being in the ring with Regal was at odds with the creepy promo from last week. Can’t wait to see her in a match against a quality competitor like Banks or Bayley. Or, y’know, any random pair of skanks who turn up like Dana and Emma. Asuka’s evil smile as she walked away was a nice touch.

5. The Dubstep Douchebags and Alexa Bliss vs the Vaudvillains raises mixed feelings – I have an irrational level of hate the former, and an equally unlikely level of love for the latter. I revise my earlier point about old-timey tights – Simon Gotch totally rocks them.

6. Blue Pants appearance! The Discount Diva takes out the annoying Alexa Bliss, then disappears. Best 15 seconds of the entire show.

7. On to the match; Blake and Murphy sure love their rest holds. ‘That was manly’ chant is awesome. Simon Gotch has some nice offensive moves, while Aiden English plays a good face in peril.

8. Murphy takes a sick bump to the outside setting up the whirling dervish. Gotch gets the pin and the Vaudvillains retain the belts. Decent match, but I’d like to see the Vaudvillains take on some of the other teams from the Dusty Tag classic. Like Gargano and Ciampa for instance…

9. On that point, where the hell was the Dusty classic this week? This tournament has been responsible for the best matches of the past month, and without it the show seems decidedly light on content.

10. Nice promo from Finn Balor and Samoa Joe to close out an average episode of NXT.

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