The Rainmaker Speaks! Kazuchika Okada on NJPW, ROH, TNA, WWE

Top NJPW star, Kazuchika Okada recently spoke with Rolling Stones Magazine. The 27 year old Okada,  seen by many as the future of NJPW and even wrestling itself spoke about the G1 Climax, longtime rival Hiroshi Tanahashi, his TNA days, wrestling for ROH, if he would ever consider going to WWE and more.

On the G1 Climax:

“It’s the biggest tournament in the world. Nobody else runs a tournament like it. Nobody has 20 of the best wrestlers competing in so many different matches. There is nothing like it in the world. My dream is to bring a G1 tournament to the United States. I want to do a G1 in front of American crowds.”

On Hiroshi Tanahashi (whom he will likely face at Wrestle Kingdom 10):

“I have never beaten him at Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome. I’ve lost both times to him (WK 7 and 9). I want a big moment at the Tokyo Dome. I want a happy moment.”

On the differences between working for TNA and working for ROH:

“I didn’t get to wrestle at all in TNA. I wanted to wrestle, and they wouldn’t let me. (In ROH), I can wrestle against great wrestlers.”

On ROH wrestlers and American fans:

“They’re at the same level. I wanted to wrestle against new people, but it’s very similar to wrestling in Japan. I really appreciate ROH for letting me wrestle in the United States. American fans get to see me and get to see New Japan. Ring of Honor lets us do that. I love working in front of American crowds. When I do the (Rainmaker) pose, the crowd does it with me. I love that. The crowds don’t do that in Japan. They respond a lot more in America.”

On working for WWE (an often heard rumor):

“I like doing the shows with Ring of Honor, but I don’t want to leave Japan. I’m not interested in WWE at all. Many people ask me about WWE, and if I’d go to WWE in the future. They ask me if I’m going now. I will not go. I want to make New Japan Pro Wrestling bigger. That’s my future.”

On if NJPW could host a live, weekly show:

“Yes, that’s why I’m in New Japan. I’m the one that can bring that.”

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