Rabblecast 419 – Wrestling, A Video Game Con, and The Stock Market!

If you’re a regular listener to the podcast, you know that some of them are not considered “grown up” topics. Professional wrestling has always been something near and dear to us. As such, we touch upon WWE’s latest PPV, Night of Champions.

Video games is another subject that we all enjoy. Be it classic games, new games, even those of the board game variety. Hernandez talks about a recent trip to the very first, A Video Game Con that was held in Parsipanny, NJ.

And we wrap it all up with the recent news about a former hedge fund manager, Martin Shkreli buying the rights to a drug called, Daraprim. With all of the news about the drug’s price hike, Jimmy decided to do some research and what he comes up with is a scheme which sounds very similar to something out of a classic Hollywood movie.

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