Baltimore Comic Con 2015 – DC Comics’ Batman Day Panel

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Moderator: Bobbie Chase

Panel: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom King

Chase started things off with the tribute to the Baltimore Batman who died tragically earlier this year.

King spoke about Grayson #12 and how the entire series has been building to this point. King pointed out that Dick is a social character. He’s a brother, a friend and a son. Grayson #12 is the culmination of everything before it. King then hinted at Grayson #13.

Then Palmiotti was introduced and spoke about all things related to Harley Quinn. In #21 Harley goes to Hollywood. In #22 Harley and her gang break into prison. In Harley Quinn & Power Girl #4 is all about Zartox and Palmiotti guaranteed it’s a funny book. Starfire #5 is about Starfire going to interview for a job at an aquarium.

Then Palmiotti teased Harley Quinn’s Black Book. Harley loves Wonder Woman and when she gets wind of a plot against Diana, she plans to save her life by replacing her. Paliotti also hinted at the London Legion of Super-Heroes, including Pup Crawler (the Spider-Man of pubs) and Terrible Tonya.

Next up was Snyder talking about Batman #45. Snyder really enjoys writing this storyline because it’s one that’s tripped of most of the Bat-mythos, so the story really has to rock to succeed. He also said that #45 features the favorite opening he’s ever done for a comic, ever. But he stressed again how much he enjoys that the status quo for the characters is all new.

Tynion then spoke about Batman & Robin Eternal. As much as he loved working on Batman Eternal, the one thing that was missing was Dick Grayson. This time around Bruce is the missing piece. Because Bruce doesn’t remember that he was Batman, he can’t help the Robin’s on this one. Tynion also mentioned how excited he is to be brining Cassandra Cain back. And Tynion had nothing but praise for the entire Batman & Robin Eternal team.

Pak was up next and was more than happy to discuss Batman/Superman. Pak said that he came to DC specifically to write Batman/Superman and how much he enjoys doing it. He talked about much Batman and Superman compliment each other and how fun it is to write the Clark/Gordon dynamic.

King then teased Robin War, which is a storyline that plays out in a weekly fashion throughout the Bat-Books. The Court of Owls may or may not be involved. King stressed that he’s very conscious of people not liking crossovers and he’s writing one that’s going to be worth the investment.

Then it was time for questions from the audience.

Snyder was asked if he was excited about plans for Court of Owls to be in Gotham Season 2. He replied that he was just pumped to be part of the show.

Snyder was then asked about the possibility for more Superman Unchained. Snyder said that more really wasn’t in the cards. It was a project that both he and Jim Lee really wanted to do, but now both of their schedules are just too packed to do that again.

Snyder was then asked if he ever put personal stuff into Batman. He replied that he does invest a lot into his work. His Batman is a personal story, but in a unique way.

A fan asked if the Court of Owls or Lincoln March will return. Tynion hinted that The Court may turn up in the future.

Snyder was asked if Harvey Dent would ever get to ride the new Batsuit. Snyder didn’t think Harvey would fit into the suit, but that he loves Harvey. Harvey gets the best lines and he’s going to play a pivotal role in the finale.

The panel was asked how they feel about the upcoming DC movies. Palmiotti was excited. As a fan of storytelling he’s excited to see what they do with the characters. Pak is a fan of every version of Batman; Adam West tv show, Batman Year One, Dark Knight Returns, his original origin. He’s always psyched to see them. Tynion said that there was a scene in the trailer that showed Affleck completely nailed Bruce. The scene where he protects the kid and looks up angrily, was totally Bruce Wayne. And he’s always interested in new takes on character.

Snyder was asked about a line he wrote indicating that Batman vs Superman would always end in a tie. Snyder clarified that the line was actually when Batman and Superman fight, no one wins. But Snyder was quick to point out that Batman always wins.

King was asked about the role continuity plays in Grayson. King replied that he completely respects continuity and writers. He tries to write a stories so that every story fits, emotionally, even the ones from Pre-Flashpoint.

The panel was then asked if Final Crisis happened. Tynion explained that post-Flashpoint not everything is in cement. So while Dick Grayson was Batman, the reason why hasn’t fully be explained yet.

A fan asked Snyder why Batman in Justice League was Bruce Wayne, but in Batman it’s Jim Gordon. Snyder explained that both he and Geoff Johns had stories that they really wanted to tell that just so happened to not match up perfectly. But he also stressed that a conscious effort was being made to tidy things up from this point going forward.

Tynion was asked about Calvin Rose and if he was coming back. Tynion stressed that he could come back, but he needs to find a home. Tynion pointed out that that he’ll always have a soft spot for Calvin, since it was his first book, but unfortunately it didn’t catch fire. He likes to think that Calvin and his supporting cast are still having adventures in Gotham.

A fan asked Snyder about an out of continuity Joker tale he’s brought up before. Snyder said that he did indeed have one. He’s just trying to schedule it.

Snyder was asked who his favorite non-Bruce Batman is. Dick was Snyder’s first, but he’s really enjoying Jim now. He noted how when he wrote Dick as Batman, both of them were young and excited. But now he relates more to Jim. Both of them are slightly grizzled and wonder if they still have it in them.