WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for 09.28.2015: Double The Kane, Paige Explains Herself, John Cena Open Challenge Tease


WWE will have the final Monday Night Raw for September tonight

The main storyline being promoted for the show is the double identity for Kane. Both “Corporate” Kane, who works for the Authority, as well as “The Monster” Kane, who abducted Seth Rollins at the end of Raw last week.

Says WWE.com on the Kane storyline:
Kane has never been the most stable Superstar on the roster — or the most level-headed executive in the boardroom — but The Devil’s Favorite DOO has been particularly dichotomous since re-emerging at Night of Champions to attack WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. As the WWE Universe waits to see what both Demon Kane and Corporate Kane will do next, what else awaits on Monday night’s hottest show? WWE.com has some theories.

The Paige heel turn is the next big story coming out of Raw last week, and should have a big followup on Raw this week.

It looks like WWE is teasing the return of the John Cena open challenge for the US Title.

In a trivia note, Seth Rollins, at 184 days, has held the title the longest of anyone in history after cashing in the Money in the Bank. The old record was The Miz, at 160 days. Kane had 154 days. (thanks to Emerson Witner)

Here is WWE.com’s 5 Points Preview:

  1. This man, this monster
  2. What’s next for the Divas Revolution?
  3. Snake in the swamp
  4. Who will challenge John Cena for the U.S. Title?
  5. Brutality before The Beast

WWE has up a pretty cool new tribute to Shawn Michaels:

The Heartbreak Kid steals the show on the canvas: WWE Canvas 2 Canvas

The legendary Shawn Michaels brings his attitude and a bit of Sweet Chin Music to the canvas as artist Rob Schamberger brings “Mr. WrestleMania” to life.

Pulse Wrestling will have full coverage of Raw including all the big stories going into the show, during the show and after, plus the Tuesday Raw Roundtable and more!