Bob Backlund Talks Brock Lesnar, The Iron Sheik, Being The Top Guy

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently talked with fellow Hall of Famer Bob Backlund on FOX Sports. Here is what Mr Backlund had to say:

On Brock Lesnar:

“Geez, he’s a great performer, and I would have loved to have gotten in the ring and do a battle with him some way or another. He’s an amazing person, and he’s got a look that is a gift from God. The power that he has, the strength that he has and his facial expressions, he’s really a natural for the business. A match with him would have been pretty awesome. I would have loved to have seen who would have been able to pick up who in a short arm scissors during our match. I would have loved to have wrestled Brock to just see how strong that he really is. He’s at the top of the list of the men that I never got to wrestle.”

On dropping the WWE title to the Iron Sheik:

“I wish I had been better informed on how things were going to end but Vince Sr. was battling cancer and the communication wasn’t as good for me as when he was there. No one came to me and explained what was going to happen in just a few words. I just did not know what was happening whereas before I always knew what was happening with every promoter that I had worked for. But overall I have no regrets.”

On the pressure that comes with being the top guy:

“Sometimes when a guy is on top he isn’t given the credit when the houses are good. When the houses aren’t good the top guy gets all the blame. I think Bruno Sammartino put it the best when he said if the top guy gets the blame when the houses are down then he should get the credit when the houses (ticket sales) are up. Bruno also said if Bob Backlund hadn’t been drawing he wouldn’t have been there. When Vince Sr. told me how long I was going to have the title, if I hadn’t sold tickets I would have went to him and said that I don’t deserve this (the title belt) and given it back to him.”

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