Titus O’Neil Talks Hulk Hogan, Race in WWE, Being WWE World Champion Material

WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil recently spoke with Justin Barrasso Of Sport Illustrated Extra Mustard. here are some highlights:

On the Hulk Hogan situation:

“It’s a tough situation for me to talk about. It’s been dealt with by the company, but for me, I’ve heard that type of talk from people who are way different than Hulk Hogan. He made a mistake, he’s paying for it, and it’s not my call to say what he is or he is not. I just try to live my life without having to worry about anybody calling me those names.”

On race in WWE and why there as been only one African-American World Champion:

“I’ve never been involved in the creative process in any aspect of this company, so I couldn’t tell you why there has only been one. Is it disturbing in some cases? Yes, but it’s no different than any other form of entertainment. There aren’t a lot of places, whether it’s film or television, with African-Americans as heroes. I can’t answer the question of why there has only been one, but I would definitely like to be the next African-American champion. Not because I’m African-American, but because I’ve deserved and earned the right to be WWE world heavyweight champion.”

On wanting to be WWE World Champion:

“I am one-hundred percent confident that I am WWE world heavyweight championship material. That is my goal. I won tag team gold, and while I’m in a tag team, that is my goal, but champion should be the goal of every single person on the roster. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time, and you’re wasting my time.”