WWE Monday Night Raw 09/28/2015: Off TV Report with Dark Happenings, Crowd Pops

Here is a report from the arena from Raw:


Credit Dave M. and Pwinsider.com:

(A personal note: whomever made the decision NOT to show the matches on the titantron should be forced to watch Total Diva’s nonstop for 72 hours straight. The crowd was partially dead, because we couldn’t see all the matches or what was going on most of the time. During a match, all we saw on the big screen was the RAW logo. If this is something new, it sucks. It sucked a lot of life out of the crowd because you couldn’t see what was happening. So everyone was standing up and then those damn signs made it even worse.)

A lot of new day sucks chants before taping started

Cesaro beat Heath Slater. Cesaro did the big swing about 30 times on Heath before applying the sharpshooter.

Long break with nothing on screen,

Los Matadores defeated Ascension. A lot of botched spots on both teams that were very noticeable.

The usual commercials were shown and the military one got the best response.
-JBL had a huge pop when he came out.
-A lot of down times during commercial breaks where nothing happened and the crowd was silent.
-Paul Heyman was a shock to see and the crowd went crazy he came down to the ring.
-During the Reigns/Wyatt match, one guy who was being a total assclown started duel chants with people on the other side and it got bad. Security went to throw the guy out but then people started chanting “Let him stay” Wyatt looked over at the action and shook his head.
-Then FINALLY towards the end of the Reigns/Wyatt match the titantron showed the match and the crowd went crazy. BECAUSE WE COULD SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!

-No dark match and no return date announced. (not bad considering that we had RAW, Smackdown and a house show all in less than one year)

-Paul Heyman
-Randy Orton
-John Cena

-John Cena
-Big Show