10 Thoughts on South Park – Stunning and Brave

I know, I know. The premiere was three weeks ago. And I’m a little late to the party. But better late than never, right? And I know you were all dying to know what I think about the new season. So by golly, you’re gonna find out. The first episode of the new season is ostensibly about Caitlyn Jenner. But really, it’s about the power of political correctness and the danger of silencing opposing opinions.

Here are some thoughts on that.

1. Of all the things they could have covered… 

Caitlyn Jenner! I’m surprised honestly. Of all the things South Park could have covered, it’s surprising they would pick her. Although, really, she was just a jumping off point for an episode about political correctness in general, something the show has covered in the past.

2. PC Principal is a fascinating addition

If he sticks around (which it looks like he will) he will be an interesting foil for the boys to push up against. It would reframe the show with the voice of political correctness constantly blaring in their ears. It could add another dimension of conflict for the show in general.

3. “Hot Cosby” is maybe the grossest thing I’ve ever heard

It’s a new term for rape, uttered by principal Victoria, causing her to be fired. Ew.

4. “There were refreshments, yes.”

Randy joining the PC Bros, only to go out drinking every night and come home wicked hung over, was the best running gag of the episode. And when he finally vomits through his hand… priceless.

5. I can’t believe it took 19 seasons, but Parker and Stone were silenced

At the end of the episode when all hell breaks lose, Kyle goes to give a speech. Instead of defending why he doesn’t think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, he acquiesces. He says she is a hero. And that’s how the episode ends. It’s a powerful reminder of the sway political correctness has over our discourse.

6. Poor Tom Brady

Cartman wants to be like him. How much worse of an endorsement do you need?

7. Poor Brett Favre!

Two football players in one episode! He does clap like shit though…

8. PC Bros is an interesting juxtaposition

Combining political correctness culture with frat culture is an interesting way to go that I hadn’t considered. It really brings home how irritating it can be to have language constantly being policed.

9. Why no Caitlyn Jenner?

She didn’t show up in this episode. Seems like a missed opportunity…

10. Kyle has an important point

Also, Caitlyn Jenner does not immediately become a good person just because she’s a woman now. In fact, when she was a man, s/he hit someone with his/her car. That doesn’t sound like good person behavior. Yes, what she did was brave, but it doesn’t expunge her sins. I may get some flack for that…

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