Metalhead on NXT (September 30 Episode, Asuka, Tyler Breeze vs Tomasso Ciampa, Sasha Banks vs Bayley Hype)

Do not worry fans of JT on NXT, this is just a one week deal, JT will be back next week. In the meantime, here are my ten thoughts on this week’s episode:

1 – Slightly different entrance for Finn Balor, theme is a bit modified at the start, Jacket is back and Balor Club logo is up. I have no problem with this as it helps differentiate from the “Demon” entrance.

2 – Joe and Balor vs Enzo and Cass was OK, but, ending at 4:15, way to short. This is a match that could easily have filled the Main Event spot of a weekly episode. Strange choice.

3 – While Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa are talking backstage, Tyler Breeze comes by and challenges Ciampa to a match. What? No 30-minute long speech from an authority figure to make a match? NXT really IS different from RAW… And so much better.

4 – Gargano did well against Crew, somehow managing to showcase a bit of his skills without touching on Crews’ invincible aura. Quite a feat. This, at least, was kept short for a reason, but I definitively want to see more of Gargano. Speaking of Gargano, it is now almost certain he will receive a WWE contract.

5 – Very amusing segment with Danna Brooke, Emma and William Regal, starting with Dana Brooke and Emma making fun of Asuka when Regal announces the Asuka/Dana Brooke match at Takeover, and ending with Regal showing them a video of what sounded like Asuka kicking some serious ass. Dana and Emma’s expressions were gold, Emma leaving after a “good luck with that” was priceless.

6 – We get to see what made Dana and Emma react like that. In short, Asuka murdering a punching bag. Note to WWE/NXT, it isn’t always necessary to show what happens. Sometimes just working on people’s imagination will make the effect that much greater. Any old-school horror movie director worth his salt will tell you the same.

7 – Dana and Emma vs the Aussie Girls was fine, with Emma more and more embracing her dark side. That’s good, heel Emma has a much better chance to make it in the long run than goofy Emma ever had. Dana still needs some work, but at least you can see the potential. Finally Billie Kay and peyton Royce can certainly add to the current NXT Woman’s roster, if given the chance.

8 – Jason Jordan, sorry, JJ and Chad Gable argue with The mechanics about who will make it to the finals. Funny because everybody else just expects the final to be Rhino and Baron Corbin vs Samoa Joe and Finn Balor.

9 – Tyler Breeze vs Tomasso Ciampa was decent but nothing more. Gargano made a better impression with less time. I did like that they gave the Unprettier finisher to Breeze. It certainly fits the character.

10 – Main event of the show, well not exactly but it felt like that, was the Sasha Banks/Bayley feud. And why not, it IS one of the best feuds of 2015 after all. Great hyping of their upcoming Iron-Woman match and say what you will about WWE, but when it comes to video package, they’re in a league of their own. As an extra treat, you get to watch it (again).





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