Paul Heyman On Why Now Is The Right Time For The Undertaker/Lesnar Trilogy To End

During an interview with Brian Fritz, Paul Heyman explained why now is the right time for the Brock Lesnar/Undertaker trilogy to end:

“Because now’s the time. This is where there’s tremendous public interest in it and it’s the right match to do. I don’t think we should hold off Hell in a Cell until WrestleMania. I think Brock Lesnar versus The Undertaker in their final conflict — in what is sure to be the final time these two ever step into the ring against each other — and I think that should happen now. I don’t think waiting until WrestleMania would be, to borrow the phrase, “best for business” and I think the heightened public interest coming off of what happened at SummerSlam and the reaction from the public after we told our story the next night on Raw, I think now’s the time to capitalize on it and to exploit the public interest and present the match now.”


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