What I got from the Rob Feinstein/Chris Ott Situation


Hey Punkins I’ve been following this nerd battle between Chris Ott and Rob Feinstein. If you don’t know Feinstein is being accused of buying a number of prints from artist, Chris Ott, and forging various wrestler’s signatures. It’s been found that the prints are pretty much legit except for some signed prints of Roddy Piper. Chris Ott believe those are the same prints that were bought from him by Feinstein, and they were not autographed at that time. Since Piper is dead, these prints would’ve been lucrative to sell, at whatever wrestle nerd convention they were at.

I haven’t talked to anyone in Feinstein’s camp about this, but I’ve not found other cases of Feinstein forging items. I can’t see why Feinstein would do this. He doesn’t need a quick few hundred dollars, and something like this would further damage his already half ruined reputation. (Feinstein supposedly solicited sex from a 14 year old boy in 2004.) I don’t want to defend this guy because it sounds like he is a pedophile, but I just don’t see why he’d do this all at the same time either. He buys the prints from Ott, and then immediately has them forged?

As for Chris Ott, he seems like a good guy, and genuinely angry about this. He knew Piper through Piper’s manager. He believes that Rob Feinstein is desecrating Piper by selling these prints. The only evidence I’ve seen is a series of tweets and messages from both guys, telling their side of the story, and a number of wrestlers backing Feinstein’s story. Ott doesn’t seem to have much evidence yet. Those that wrote to me in Ott’s defense claimed that Piper would never sign Ott’s Prints for someone else, and then they give me this insanely confusing timeline that isn’t really saying much.

Even now the only things I see that seem odd is Feinstein changing his story a few times, and Ott claiming he knows these are forgeries because he sold Rob an unsigned print with a mark, and now that same print is mysteriously signed. This is still in the realm of misunderstanding to me. As I said, I believe Ott is doing this for noble reasons, but it seems like he needs to give us more than a timeline, and a few tweets. It’s not hard to find people willing to run with the story that Feinstein is selling forged items, he’s pretty much a pedophile (never convicted), and the thinking is that he probably deserves the hits to his reputation as retaliation to him never being convicted.


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