Possible Injury At Yesterday’s NXT Live Event


Carmella apparently suffered a stinger at yesterdays WWE NXT live event in Nashville, Tennessee.

During her match against Eva Marie, it appears Carmella took a (accidental) legitimate kick to the head, followed by a bad bump. They went straight to the finish after that and the referee threw up the “X-sign” and motioned to the back of his own head as WWE trainers, including Dr. Chris Amann, came to the ring.

Carmella was crying in the ring but did leave with some help. Eva Marie was met with “please retire” chants.

Fortunately, the latest reports seem to indicate this looked worse than it actually was. Let’s hope those reports are soon confirmed.

I've been following wrestling for almost 30 years now, and the metal scene for even longer. And let's just say that all that head-banging has left me with some weird ideas that i will share with you from time to time. Aren't you glad?