CM Punk UFC Debut Postponed Due To Injury

CM Punk reportedly sustained a shoulder injury recently in training. The injury is said to be a “tweak,” and happened during a grappling exchange, which saw Punk attempting to scramble to his feet. Punk will see a doctor on October 14 and could be cleared to return. Here is what his coach, Duke Roufus had to say to ESPN:

“He got caught in a scramble, so right now he’s taking a little time off. He was doing great before that. His progress has been good. He’s got a great attitude and he’s a hard worker. Our biggest thing is we want him to 101 percent. We don’t have a hard date for his fight to force the issue, so making sure he’s completely healthy is possible.”

Punk and Roufus have both stated their desire to make sure Punk was ready to enter the cage before actually doing so, but about ten months into his training, it appears he’s only halfway there.

“He’s about at 50 percent. But that being said, remember that my 100 percent is a very well-prepared person. The UFC will probably book him a fight three to four months in advancem a guy of his magnitude. We’re probably looking at a fight in the next six to 10 months.”


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