JR Blog: Gives Bound for Glory 2015 a C+, Wants To See Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32



Jim Ross had some notable reactions to TNA’s Bound For Glory 2015

on Raw for 10.05
RAW really needs a strong show on Monday in Boston and the question is do they do an injury storyline of some sort or a suspension situation to explain the omnipresent John Cena’s very rare absence that is coming up very soon for the next several weeks. I like this for many reasons as Cena needs time to recharge his batteries and it forces WWE’;s hand to develop other, main event level stars of which they are dangerously thin on at the top of te roster. Plus the status of the US Title is another issue that will have to be addressed. This entire matter should give WWE creative some new material of which they really need to feature. Unpredictability is missing from RAW which isn’t for which ihe show is known.

on Bound for Glory 2015
Gave the show a C+ grade as it had some good moments including the talent working hard but some of the booking was suspect IMO.

Never book two fan favorites versus one villain in a triple threat match. It won’t work as a rule and did not work as it could have or should have. No issues with Matt Hardy winning the TNA Title by pinning Drew Galloway while EC3 remained undefeated but he lost his title. The champion losing his title without being pinned or submitted is as lame as being able to win a cage match by escaping the cage.

on Bobby Rood and Bobby Lashley
Bobby Rood and Bobby Lashley had a damn good match. So did the Wolves tag title bout. Enjoyed two of my favorites in Gail KIm and Awesome Kong but thought the finish could have been better strategized.

on Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle
Impressed with Eric Young’s skill set a heel and Kurt Angle is still a badass and effective if not over exposed. Angle at Wrestlemania Texas vs. Brock Lesnar would be a massive hit but it seems that the decision makers in WWE don’t share my optimism but I might be wrong.

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